Customizer puts iMac in Mercedes CLS

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 31, 2006.

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  2. mpw

    Hmmmm was he adding an iMac to a Merc. or just fitting a £70k air conditioner to the back of the iMac to quieten down those bloody fans?!
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    No room to store in the glovebox

    Hmm. Nice gimmick - shame that the iMac is on show for any opportunist thief to grab.
  4. mpw

    It really is a terrible implementation. A Mac mini in the trunk or a MacBook/Pro in the armrest, flip out keyboard a la airplane table and two mirrored 12" LCD's in the seat backs would've been much better.
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    Doesn't seem very practical to me. Would have been better had it been imbedded into one of the seats and have been a bit higher than it is now. I also wonder about glare on the screen. When I use my ibook in the car on a bright sunny day, I can barely see the screen. Anyway, looks like they jumped on the BT MM right away though.
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    Looks ridiculous to me. You'll have to crank your neck all the time, or sit in the center of the seat with the iMac almost on your knees. Feeling the case of my own iMac right now, I guess the "leather encasing" on top of the iMac will make the fan issue even worth.

    Get an MBP...
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    Agreed - how do you get in a position to look at the thing let alone use it? :confused:
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    Also note it's a previous generation Mac. there is no isight ... at least, if you put something in a mercedes.... put the lastest ... ... Hum, maybe he put an older version of iMac cuz they were VESA compatible.... anyway
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    Looks wrapped in leather to me - note the embossing on the bottom right. Could still be a new version.

    Very cool but...why?
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    no its older version, the disc drive isn't centered.

    but i dont understand why you would do this. no elegance or sublety.
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    Damnit, they chose the right car and everything but the wrong computer.

    I want folding MBPs coming out the back seats.

    God damnit.

    Can any benz dealer do that do you think or would you have to go to some special space?
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    I guess a special place, where you can get some special custom-tuning, not the usual Merc' dealer.

    And especially a place where the owner wants to get rid of his old iMac, at a profit, because he bought the latest Intel version :D
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    Uhm, wasn't this news like... when the iMac G5 was new and this mod first popped up?
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    Not exactly a high end install there, I was really expecting to se the comp fold down from the roof, and a small keyboard/mouse tray drop down from the back of one of the front seats or something. Woohoo, look at me ma' I bolted a computer to the floor! :rolleyes:

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