Cyber Acoustics Leather Folio for iPad2 (red)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by MozMan68, May 10, 2011.

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    I ordered this case for my forthcoming iPad2 but was able to try it out today with my buddy's iPad2 and it worked just as advertised. They do a great job of describing the case on their site and the embedded YouTube video on that page.

    Some other things to consider when ordering this:

    1) The images on their website seem to be colorized versions of the black case. I bought the red case and my only issue (although it is not THAT big of a deal) is that the inner suede and elastic straps are dyed a red that does not have the richness of the red leather (which looks incredible btw...much richer red actually than what is shown on their site). I would suggest their vendor go with a darker red dye as the current inside components have a slight magenta tinge to them.

    2) The attachment method is the best I have seen anywhere. The softer rubber corners are tight around the corners of the iPad...really holds it tightly in place without fear that it will come loose.

    3) I was concerned about the hole on the backside for the camera would be an obstruction, but was able to take great pictures with the iPad2 still in the no issue there.

    4) The on/off magnets worked great!

    So...outside of the slightly off red color on the inside of the case, this product is awesome and I'm completely confident it will protect the iPad in case of a fall (watch the video in the link above).

    Also...ordered on a Thursday night, shipped the next day and arrived the following Monday (shipping from Vancouver, WA to Michigan) via US Mail.
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    Hey...a few bucks is a few bucks, so why not save the money.

    FYI...shipping from Cyber Acoustics was free as well.
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    So...I wanted to wait until I actually had my iPad in the case to post pictures.

    As I mentioned earlier, the red leather is "perfect"...and I mean that in color and in's exactly what I wanted. The inside finish?? Not so much....not completely objectionable, but definitely too "cranberry" colored compared to the deep red of the leather cover.

    Other than that, it works as advertised and I feel it is extremely well protected in the case...may just opt for a black one.




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    Yours are the most accurate photos I have seen depicting the colors of the red case inside and out. It appears as though the case is exactly like their other cases in the maroo line -the maroo roto 2 case which I have, but without the maroo label on the front and roto2 on the back on little black tag. I also believe the cyber acoustics version is cheaper by about ten dollars.
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    Thanks...I think the picture of the leather is a little misleading due to the flash, but the others are pretty accurate. iPhone 4 ftw!

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