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"cyber acoustics/maroo" case OR "yoobao" case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by caconesa, May 9, 2011.

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    Hello everybody,

    This is my first post here but i have been reading macforums for a long time already.

    The purpose of my thread is to ask for feedback to wether which of the cases mentioned above is the best overall. I have researched and seen lots of videos of both cases, but i still cant clearly identify which is the best. The cyber acoustics case looks very nice indeed and its got features that the other case doesn't have. On the other hand, the yoobao case is thinner and adds less bulk and seems to protect all the edges of the ipad.

    I am aware this question is a bit stupid because it all depends on what you want but i would appreciate if someone could point in the right direction based on personal experiences as I am a bit confused.


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    This is cyber acoustics

    I was also having this issue, and chose the Maroo (Cyber Acoustic) case. The yoobao case seems to have some issues with headphone port alignment and quality - also the yoobao case looks like it would not offer much protection against an accidental drop where as with the Maroo case you would be fine with an iPad drop.

    did you see this video? it convinced me to order the Roto II - I received it last week and must say it is excellent.

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    I am a HUGE fan of the Maroo case as you might be able to tell by reading all my posts on the other thread.

    I personally don't like the Yoobao case because it covers the bezel. I love the sweeping clean look of the screen with the Maroo's four corner tabs which work marvelously.

    I love everything about the Maroo case ... the only thing that would make it better is if they produce one in PURPLE leather :)

    Order the Maroo. They are exceptional with their return policy if you don't like it.

    Just my $.02.
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    I have most of the cases listed on this forum, and without a doubt get the Maroo. Much better than the yoobao. The maroo has become my favorite case.
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    Yoobao is good because it is thinner, however it feels cheap, doesn't look so good, and provides no protection.

    Cyberacoustics is better because it looks Great, feels great, is made of very high quality materials, and provides protection. And the look is much cleaner.

    I bought both for iPad 1 and quickly preferred the Cyberacoustics for these qualities. The thickness is a non issue. Others are much thicker.
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    I ordered the Maroo Moko II after reading a lot of good reviews about Maroo on here.

    One of the things that weighed heavily in me ordering their case was the fact that Steve @ CyberAcoustics is a member on here. He takes time out to answer any questions in detail and has also openly said that if you're not happy you can return a case.

    I mean I haven't even received my case yet, but I'm already impressed with the customer service.

    If you have any specific questions about a Maroo case you may want, feel free to drop CyberSteve a line/message. no doubt he'll be more than happy to help.
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    I strongly vote for the yoobao, but I don't like cases with exposed edges, and I think the corner knobs are clunky on those clamp in type cases. I like my iPad tightly wrapped and tucked in leather with minimal bulk with my yoobao. the alignment issues are overblown.

    One of the great features of the iPad 2 is the slimness. I avoid cases that add any bulk at all or distract from the form factor. I was shocked to see how popular those clunky book type cases are., they totally ruin the form factor and engineering that went into make the iPads so slim. If I wanted a clunkier laptop sized device I would have got one. anyway...

    I've had many cases for ipad. TPU. cutaway TPU with the smart cover, a leather slip case, Waterfield iPad sleeve cases, Ultimate and Exo. Yoobao is my favorite. It's really just down to the style you prefer.

    plus the yoobaos were briefly on sale for $14 recently. a steal. but even at full price, I like how they protect, look, and add little bulkiness.
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    It's all about preference - I prefer the Maroo since it keeps the bezel completely uncovered which makes using the device as if it weren't in a case - and it protects the ipad from any drops with minimal bulk. I also think the quality is top-notch.
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    I agree an open screen is nice, but the leather wrap over the iPad screen is not bad, and the yoobao is very very sleek. I took my red one to work and got lots of compliments on it. more than on the iPad itself!
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    cool :rolleyes:
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    Ditto that. I have done an extensive search for both a good looking AND functional iPad 2 case, that will enhance the slimmer form factor of the device, while providing adquate protection. I also have the red Yoobao and get so many compliments on its sleekness and overall appearance.
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    lauren was an informed proponent of the yoobao early on and she helped me make my decision. when I saw her pix of the red one I thought I'd never want red. but I bought all 3 colors on the sale day, and love the red too. but black is more my style, and adds a nice clean, executive look.
    I say, let Steve Jobs' gift for design shine thru, and don't pad or bulk up or distort the form factor of the sleek iP2.
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    thanks a lot for all your comments everyone! i think i am leaning towards the maroo case at the moment.... i think costumer services are a key factor when buying and selling anything and apparently maroo has it.... i just hope the case doesn't make the whole ipad experience a bit too bulky... haha

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