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Cybercrims focus on Macs and zero-day

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 9, 2006.

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    Category: Opinion/Interviews
    Link: Cybercrims focus on Macs and zero-day
    Description:: Apple is becoming a bigger target for hackers and malware writers as its market share grows...according to 3rd party security software sellers.

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    What are cybercrims? ;)
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    cyber criminals?
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    Somebody took their wit pill today:rolleyes:
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    Another rehash of the same non-issues facing current OS X users
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    I love this article.

    Not because of its (non-)truthfulness, but because it twists everything very well to make it seem like Macs are under attack. Nowhere in the article does it say Macs ARE under attack, but it tries to make it seem that way.

    Damn, now that the new, uh, Web virus is out, I gotta get me some antivirus software! And stop those business-oriented quittable keyloggers!
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    How else do you get companies to buy antivirus software for Mac? ;)
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    So if the viruses from the Mac triple, we'll still only have 3. If they triple for Windows they'll have 300 thousand.

    It amazes me that companies put out crap like this. OF COURSE it's going to go up exponentially if you use that kind of math when you're starting with nearly zero.
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    The one I am really looking for is when some consumer complaints group decides to take Apple to task over their "no viruses" for Mac and has to set up a PC vs Mac lab test on TV which is then shown on 60 Minutes or CNN or the BBCs consumer rights like what they did for the 'claimed' PowerMac G5 worlds fastest computer issue. Except this time Apple would be able to prove them all wrong while a huge viewing audience watched.:cool:

    Edit: I am aware that USA Today has done just such an experiement back in 2004, but this time since Apple is actually promoting it in their TV advertising it would have more of an effect.
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    Well I'm convinced. I've ripped my airport card out, glued wood into my modem and ethernet ports and I'm off to live underground.
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    Actually, 3x0=0 :D

    And I thought Windows count was 144000, so it would be 3x144000=432000 :eek:

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