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Cydia not working day 2!

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by almac04, Jun 8, 2011.

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    ok, for the second straight day cydia is not loading on my CDMA iPhone 4. I updated it last week to 4.2.8, using windows and redsn0w. I had no problems from the re-jailbreak up until tuesday around noon. I had been re-downloading jb apps just fine before hand. now when I load cydia it i get the black screen, red letters and it reads: "problem parsing dependency Depends". I think hackyouriphone repo has something to do with it. any suggestions are welcome. Also, when viewing my pics in my "photos" app (OEM) the screen dims and I am unable to slide between pics and I lose functionality of the home button after about 15sec of use until i lock/unlock the screen. this happens with video as well, when im trying to film something, the camera will not stay active....:mad::(
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    Ah the joys of jailbreaking.
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    rick snagwell

    restore to 4.2.8 in itunes, then jb using PT4.2

    only way to jb for VIP4
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    indeed this is one of the many "joys"... anyone have an idea about the camera issue?
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    In rare situations, cydia can really eff itself up. In this case, the jailbreak process may have not went through properly, or there were previous backups/jailbreak remnants that are messing up your phone. The best way to fix it to make sure everything is cleaned up would be to DFU restore (NOT just 'restore' in iTunes) to wipe the phone clean to 4.2.8 and then jailbreak using redsn0w rc16.
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    I restored my VIP4 and..... it sucks...!:eek: so pwnage tool is the best jailbreak for the VIP4? I dont know how much longer i can keep it this way. no features, no customization...:( oh geez...
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    pwnagetool blows too...:mad: VIP4 wont activate, and Im more than sure verizon will not honor my TEP plan after all I have done to this phone:(... so much for this venture. Looks like its back to the droid for me...:confused:
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    Pwnage tool doesnt suck, its usually the user not knowing what they're doing.
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    ok, for the sake of the GSM users, i wont say it sucks, rather it doesnt work for both versions of the iPhone. I used it to a "T" and still, it didnt work... more than enough ppl have done the same thing and I have yet to see a CDMA ip4 work through pwnage. the only phones on youtube using pwnage are the GSM ip4's. I have 2 options at this point, buy another IP4 or go get one of those LTE droids, and I think im leaning towards the droid.
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    That's up to you what phone you use. Noone cares if you switch to a droid or whatever.
    But if you did a little research you'd know pwnage doesn't work for the 4.2.8 CDMA iPhone.
    So you're trying to use an incompatible program and then saying that the program sucks.
    You see the ignorance?
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    its all good, im not gonna get into an argument with u over something I did or didnt do to my device, as stated I retracted my statement and clerified that it doesnt work on CDMA ip4's not that it sucks. just looking for advice from other Ip4 users... thank you and have a good day sir/ma'am.
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    rick snagwell

    PT4.2 jb's the VIP4 4.2.8

    ive done it multiple times to my girlfriends vip and mine.

    check this link out.

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    That's not the official pwnage tool.
    Its a custom firmware bundle that needs to be installed in order for it to work for the CDMA iphone on 4.2.8
    But if done correctly it should work for the OP if he follows the tutorial.;)
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    well i think im done "jailbreaking" for a while... lol, went to the apple store today and got it replaced for free. so the vip4 i have now is brand new, not refurbished, and it will not activate... very puzzling, I had the ppl at the apple store "hook it back up" but im a getting a msg that says the phone will not activate. I have called verizon a few times and they cant figure it out either... weak!
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    Out of curiosity, what leads you to believe that your phone is brand new and not refurbished?
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    good question... for one, it came in the iphone 4 box, wrapped in plastic, new ear buds, charger, book, etc... if it was/is refurbished who's to say that apple is 'not' selling them refurbished and calling them brand new??? just an observation but hey, with all these conspiracies lately (the world) I dont know what I have other than a good working VIP4.:cool:
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    After so many problems w/ more than one device, I think you need to go back to a dumbphone or stay w/ vanilla FW; anything more advanced I won't recommend :p GL
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    well i got a working iP4 now so no worries... it works fine, I dont know exactly what the issue was. But im confident this one will be g2g.:)

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