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Cydia package turned my iPad into an iPod Touch!

Discussion in 'iPad Hacks' started by Jinkst, May 3, 2010.

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    Has anyone else had this problem? I installed lock screen info after jail breaking with Spirit, and one of the packages it installed with it made my iPad literally turn into a huge iPod Touch. The icons reverted to iPod size, and would only allow 16 per page not including dock. Background went to black. Dock became tiny and in the bottom left corner. And worst of all, anything outside the normal size of the iPod screen wouldn't work when touched.

    Had to do a restore literally ten mins after jail breaking lol. All back to normal now without a jailbreak but yeah, frustrating. I realize most everything in Cydia is iPhone based right now so not in a hurry to jailbreak again and start installing packages. Think I'll give it a week for devs to get some iPad specific stuff going.

    Anyone else come across any packages through Cydia that have done this?
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    Install SBSettings, swipe the status bar to make the SBSettings thingy appear, then hit "respring".
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    Time to set up an iPad hacks sub-forum...
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    I gave it a complete reset before I had to then restore it. Not to worry. I'll just wait till the list of apps that work is more comprehensive.
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    Haha yeah that's what I thought when it happened.

    Had a spare 30 secs, which is all Spirit takes amazingly, and decided to jailbreak again. SBSettings respring fixed the iPod Touch looking problem that arose again when I installed SBSettings.
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    yeah same thing happened to me..

    i just resprung and everything was ok...

    the funny thing was the slide to unlock was across the entire bottom hahaha
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    Yes - Me too. Really wonky screen. I'm currently restoring for a 2nd time.
    Will try the SBSettings thing next time.

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