Dörr DHG Circular Polarizer

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by cube, Jul 13, 2008.

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    Any experience?

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    Never heard of that one, but use a couple Hoya CPLs that are very nice and thin. A friend of mine uses B+H filters, and likes them as much as I like Hoya.
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    Quality does matter with CPL's. I bought a Tiffen one because it was the cheapest and it had terrible results compared to the Hoya I replaced it with. The problem was the $100 price difference :(
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    Thanks, but the question was specifically about the quality of this model.

    I had never heard from them before, but it's a German company that exists since 25 years, and the filter is made in Japan. They also sell astro stuff.

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    I doubt you'll find much, as nobody owns them. A google search reveals almost nothing and one of the top results is this thread at Macrumors.

    Where exactly are you looking to buy these? I don't see any stores carrying them.
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    Westside guy

    I'll make a sweeping statement that I believe is likely accurate. If it's inexpensive, the brand is probably crap. A good polarizer in 77mm diameter is going to cost you in the neighborhood of $100 - maybe significantly more, for the absolute highest quality.

    I specified the diameter because larger filters are almost always more expensive than smaller ones, so 77mm is a good comparison point (since that's the standard "pro" lens filter size for both Canon and Nikon).
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    Because I need at least 72mm and an 82 of this type costs about the same as a HOYA 62.

    But I saw some older model got a low score in a Fotomagazin shootout in 2001.
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    Nobody has ever heard of these filters. You aren't going to find a yes/no answer here, I'm afraid.
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    We don't know the because they are not global BRANDS. They are intended for the German and Japanese markets, with only a little presence in a few other places.

    Dörr is the only minor brand available here and many shops are selling it. There's no Tiffen or Kenko.
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    What makes polarized filters so expensive is that they are made in a sandwich. The polarized plastic film is placed between two sheet of glass. This means fours glass optical surfaces. Each has to have an optical coating. Some manufactures just stack the there parts, some use an airspace and some use cement to "glue" them all into one optical element. All these options leave a lot of room for quality or lack there of. And so the large price differences. Even within one brand there is a large range of quality. For example Hoya makes both mid-quality filters and very good filters.

    If you buy the filters in a common diameter it will last a lifetime. You can trade camera systems, buy and sell lenses and continue to use the filters You can justify spending a some money because of the long years of use you will get from it

    But in the end if you are using a polarized filter you are almost certainly not shooing into the sun and can use a deep lens shade, so expensive coatings are not really needed. But then some people are lazy and like to leave the filter on even when not needed or sometime you are not working on a tripod and can't shade the lens with your hat or cardboard and then maybe coatings are important. What I'm saying is that you can get by with a lower quality filter if you are careful how and when you use it or if you are less critical of the results.
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    Yeas, when I said an 82 costs the same as a HOYA 62, I was actually referring the the cheapest HOYA model.

    They also have the DHG Super Protect, which costs twice as much, but I'm not sure it's worth it.
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    Well then you need to look elsewhere for answers because frankly, the number of people who visit MR Digital Photography forums is already quite limited. Then you ask a question regarding a brand with limited distribution. THEN you're upset when people give you SOUND advice regarding buying a CPL. :cool:

    If all else fails buy it. You may have found a good CPL and forget what anyone else says.
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    I already bought a B+W Kaesemann once. As I see it, anything below that is a compromise. I just don't want trash.
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    Actually, I don't know where one notices a polarizer is bad, as I've only had the B+W Käsemann and a Nikon from the film era (which I've only used on film cameras).
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    I've heard of Marumi. I think they're low end, mostly. I have some close-up filters by them. The product may be usable. You could always get one and see, all that you can lose is money and photos.

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