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D&D on the mac

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by KooBrewoP, Jan 28, 2007.

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    Ok, im new to D&D, and want some sort of information / organization app, something to calculate hits, saves, looking up class stats, keeping track of leveling exp etc. So far all i have found is a few dice rolling widgets, anyone got any recommendations?
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    PCGen is a decent application to calculate your character. If you are new to D&D, I'd recommend using pencil and paper at first to make yourself familiar with the rules. I've been playing D&D for 13+ years and I've always found pencil and paper the best way to record your character.
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    <put's geek hat on>
    There doesn't seem to be anything great at the moment TBH, what have you used on Windows?

    I've played a bit with some of my friends and I'm putting in some development time on something but nothing for release yet. I dunno yet whether it'll be shareware (though it'll be less than $20) or freeware. It will handle Spells (that's not finished) and currently supports Feats, Skills and Weapons (as well as more basic stats) and can currently run a battle, including saving throws/multiple weapons etc. etc.

    I'm also waiting for a bug fix in Core Data from Apple to stop the release build crashing every time so it might well require Leopard :(, though I may be able to do a PPC only build that doesn't crash (I primarily use a Macbook so obviously would prefer to go Universal ;) ).

    Here's a screenshot of what I've done so far...

    Picture 2.png


    EDIT: I've downloaded PC Gen and haven't been able to work out how to make characters or anything but if I was getting anything I'd look at that.
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    Hmmm, could be a way to fill some of the blank space on some of the other screens, I'm not sure how it'd work though, I'll PM you if I'm interested.
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    I agree you need some eye candy for that app you are working on, it seems to have the function now all it needs is the form.:D
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    The function is still very buggy behind the scenes (and I have Uni work I *should* be doing instead ;) ). I hear that Leopard has a new Interface Builder so I'll be able to improve the eye candy later.

    PS Pleased you like it!
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    PS I have had a few teething problems with the website as I've never done one before and iWeb is a bit bad at exporting, and links haven't been forwarded etc etc. So it's gone a bit wrong on occasion and various stuff has (at least at my end) not displayed correctly and sent you to a blank folder not the shiny website. Sorry :eek:.

    Anyhow hopefully the website's teething problems are over and it is working fine (I promise the application IS much more stable than the website atm. ;)) and if it doesn't work send me a PM. I have also uploaded some more screenshots and they give a pretty good idea of the progress I've made, all the stuff in the screenshots basically works correctly, running attacks and casting spells doesn't work yet.
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    And to continue my spamming of this thread I have now stuck a free download (I decided charging was silly in the end ;) ) up online, give it a try if you want.

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