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dad just bought apple tv

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by redgaz26, Jan 11, 2008.

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    Cablewholesale.com might work. I don't know if they ship overseas. I bought a 10' HDMI cable for $15.
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    Looking through the apple store there's one for £16. Think I'll see if they have it in the Glasgow store tomorrow. I knew you had to buy your own cable but the guy at the store today never mentioned anything. Hopefully they have them in stock as i want to get itvset up soon as!!!!!
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    you may want to hold onto the appletv receipt until next week as there are rumours of a new version being released... the 15th....
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    Use ebay for cables. Dirt cheap.
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    Eric Lewis

    apple store...search for xtreme mac hdmi cable...great deal and cheap
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    I bought two 6' hdmi cables on Amazon for less than $10 including shipping. Here
    They work great.
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    I bought ALL my cables for my home theater from them. Every one of them exceeded my expectations by a huge margin. They are the highest quality cables I have ever owned while being the cheapest! Shipping was awesome too! One time I ordered the wrong cable but it was so cheap and well made I just kept it. I found a use for it a year later. I love MonoPrice!
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    I'm just back from setting the apple tv up, my dad is well pleased, I got him a hdmi to hdmi cable from the apple store £16, he wasnt bothered by the price.
    I have to say i was well impressed with the apple tv. downloaded the update in minutes and was on youtube straight away. Its the first time he's seen it as he's never shown much interest in the net.
    Neil Young was searched first then Bob dylan.
    one question, I noticed the :apple:TV got really hot, does it cool down as soon as you put it to sleep?
    and does it ever turn off? or is hibernation as good as?

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