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Dads power mac not healthy.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by AoWolf, Nov 22, 2004.

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    First let me start with the systems specs.

    Its a Rev A. Dual 2.0 Ghz with an ATI 9600 64 megs

    I think it has 1.5 gigs of ram

    Now the problem is that whenever I start it up it starts up black. Now I I know that it the system boots because when I click the volume buttons I hear the norm pop. Also if I type in his login password and hit return it shows up on the network in about 15 seconds. Know I have zapped the PRAM several times with no luck. I have also reinstalled the GPU with no success. When I boot from the hardware test disk nothing appears on the screen. Also I am 100% sure that the monitor works and is on and is plugged in, as I have tested it with my powerbook. The only other thing I can think to tell you guys is that is has been a persisting problem sense 10.3.6. By this I mean that it has happened 4 times and each time after about 20 tries it will work. When the computer is up and running there are no problems but when ever it has to restart for an update or something it goes into the state I have just described. Any thoughts?
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    That really doesn't sound good...unless there is a loose connection of some sort I think the only decent solution would be to do a complete reinstall.

    If you need to, boot in firewire mode to grab all the docs etc that you want and then just start again :(
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    This isn't related to this thread, is it...? ;)

    It's odd that it works intermittently and only after a significant number of restarts. How old is the G5? Is it still under warranty/AppleCare? Does your dad know it's f'ed?

    Have you tried reinstalling the OS then re-upping only to 10.3.5?

    Are you still playing WoW on it instead of your PB?
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    No wow ended on Wednesday but I haven't played it and never will on the G5 again.

    I am starting to think its bigger then wow though because it does not boot off the cd I don't think its a OS problem. I honestly think its the gpu. Also I can talk to the system fine over the net work.

    Another question I have is this: I have an old sawtooth g4 with an ati rage card with 16 megs of vram could I pop that in the g5 to test if its a gpu issue or would that not work.
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    YES I believe you could. I would doublecheck ATI's site to check compatibility.

    If the system is new, it is probably better to bring it in.
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    No its out of warranty.

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