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dallas and baltimore gone...now we are down to ten teams

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, Jan 3, 2004.

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    who will win tomorrow? with seattle at green bay, denver at indianapolis

    predictably, the teams with the better records, panthers and titans, beat the cowboys and the ravens

    will this trend continue? and are the panthers and titans doomed when they face off against more successful teams? i hope that the panthers can surprise everybody and make it to the superbowl just for kicks...or the seahawks:p
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    My picks are here (and if anyone can tell me how to link to a specific post within a thread, I would be much obliged):


    But for those too lazy to look, I picked Green Bay (duh) and Indy, although I'm now feeling less confident about the second pick. I stand by it, but I won't be surprised if it goes the other way.

    For that matter, I'm even feeling a little more hopeful that my Seahawks can pull off the upset of the postseason, but this is mostly attributable to shameless homerism. :D

    I'm 1/2 for today. :\ I think Dalllas just got off on the wrong foot early in the game and never recovered.
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    this nfl season is boring.

    quincy carter = steve puller

    (coach always making excuses for how much he sux)

    carolina panters = boring
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    GO EAGLES! Nuff Said
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    Maybe an item pointing to a good end result Coach Bill Belichick of the Patriots won AP Coach of the year. He was humble in accepting and said that it was a team effort. In their last Superbowl they worked together as a tema and continue to do the same.
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    Damn! That was a close one in Green Bay. Oh well. There's no way we could have gone all the way, anyway. But it would have been nice to get at least one playoff win since 1984. :rolleyes:
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    Dont Hurt Me

    i have not been able to get excited about the No Fun League this year either. perhaps we will have some good NFL AFL championship games. wild card teams almost never go anywhere so dont expect much from the winners this weekend.
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    I have fully embraced the NFL this year because I love football and I've given up on the college game. It's an elitist racket and the NCAA ought to be outlawed. What happened to USC this year is case in point.

    So maybe the product in the NFL sucks sometimes, particularly because the nationally broadcast games are usually puke-awful matchups. But it's fun to follow who's having a good year and who isn't. And the playoffs have been much better. The Titans game and the Packers-Seahwks game were both outstanding.
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    I don't follow football too much, but I would like to see the Patriots make it to the super bowl. They are having a great year.
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    so many thought that green bay would walk all over the seahawks and thus be a contender for the superbowl, or nfc crown without lifting a finger...guess again

    green bay got by barely and what kind of superbowl hopeful stuggles in a wildcard game where the top seeds have not even entered the fray yet?

    denver got soundly beaten and peyton manning and the colts showed many who have not seen them this season that they are a force to contend with...superbowl caliber team though? i think not but if the colts took it all the way, it would be considered a superbowl cinderella story

    it's all for the chiefs, rams, patriots, and philly to lose...they have to basically beat themselves to not get into the afc and nfc championships
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    I don't know about KC, Rams, or the Pats, but I've seen the Eagles take a nosedive before. As a lifetime fan of the Phils, Flyers and Eagles, I can tell you that Philly teams usually do, but I think this year is different. The Eagles will beat either the Pats or Chiefs in the big game.

    As a sidenote, I think the Flyers have a good chance to win the Cup, and the Phils have an EXCELLENT chance to win the Series-this is our year! :)
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    I'm not so sure about the Rams, and Carolina is easily overlooked. Also, it's hard not to like the Colts next week and easy to not like the Chiefs.
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    Although the win over Denver was the first time in 3 weeks the Colts decided to come and play football for 60 minutes I would be very surprised to see them lose to KC because KC has no D. And KC also has specific problems w/getting run over by big backs (like James). The only way for KC to win is for the Colts offense to choke (which is a distinct possiblity).

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    MacManiac is right, the Eagles will win the Super Bowl. It appears most likely they will be playing Indianapolis, altho New England is a possibility.
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    and then there were six...and after tomorrow, just four

    the patriots are certainly a possibility...they moved up a notch by beating the titans and now the pats will go into the afc championship against the chiefs or the colts *who play tomorrow, and i give this one to the chiefs

    with the nfc, it will be the panthers, who beat the rams today, against either the eagles or the packers *who also play tomorrow but i give this game to the eagles

    in the afc championship, i see the k.c. chiefs beating the n.e. patriots
    in the nfc championship, i see the philadelphia eagles beating the carolina panthers

    and in the superbowl, i see the eagles beating the chiefs
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    Re: and then there were six...and after tomorrow, just four

    I agree. The Eagles/Carolina game will be a tough one (probably within 7 points). But I don't think Carolina will be able to tough out our Arctic cold this time of year. I also think the KC/NE game will be within a field goal. An Eagles/KC Super Bowl would be great.

    I will definitely be watching today. GO E-A-G-L-E-S-EAGLES!!!
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    eagles won so they now face the carolina panthers in the nfc crown

    but as a surprise to me, it will be the colts who face the patriots for the afc game

    we are down to four superbowl scenarios...philadelphia eagles vs new england patriots, philadelphia eagles vs indianapolis colts, carolina panthers vs new england patriots, or carolina panthers vs indianapolis colts

    i still think philly will be in the superbowl even though they didn't blow out the packers, but i will have to go with the patriots for the afc championship game

    ...if somehow the colts win that one, i will be even more certain that if they face philly in the superbowl, they will lose by a bigger margin than new england losing to the eagles

    but if the patriots face carolina, i will go with new england

    if the colts face carolina, i could go for either one equally

    it would be a cinderella story if either the carolina panthers or the indianapolis colts win the superbowl
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Who was that rookie that threw that interception? Brent somebody? worst pass i have seen in a long time. looked like he was throwing to the Eagles.
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    I kept hollering "Duce! Duce!" and finally they gave it to him.

    With the Eagles the score is always close, but the Eagles always come out on top. And it's a fun game to watch, right to the end, every time!

    Donovan will be the Superbowl MVP, but don't forget to give some credit to the Duce.
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    Yeah, that is Brett Favre's biggest weakness-throwing the ball up for grabs. He typicallytries to force the ball too much, but that pass was the greatest thing I have ever seen (I am a big Eagles fan). That game was down to the wire! I paced the entire 4th and OT. I can smell Super Bowl. There is nothing like watching a championship game in this city. EVERYBODY get pumped, decorates, parties (no matter how cold it is). It really is something to see. Bring it on Carolina. Cause this time, there will be NOTHING stopping us, except that whistle at the end of the 4th in Houston!
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    jef I'm happy to hear that you would go with Patriot's if they beat the winner of the game today. The big item that the Patriot's have going for them is the home field advantage. The weather prediction now is that it will be bitter cold for that game like it was yesterday. We also have Adam Vinatieri.
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    Jeez, I don't know guys. I think I'm going to have to disagree with the general drift here. The Colts have been amazing in the postseason. Offensively, at least. And the Pats weren't all that impressive against the Titans. I think the Super Bowl is the Colts' to lose.

    As for the NFC, who knows? Both games were close. Carolina keeps getting underrated. But the Eagles are having their best year yet (in the Reid era), narrow win today notwithstanding. Tough call there. I'm gonna go Eagles, but I won't be surprised if it goes the other way.
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    I don't count the Colts out by a long shot, but they've fallen flat on their faces in the past. And they have been an inconsistent team the past 4 games (Denver, Houston, Denver, and KC). IMO the Colts have had 1 amazing game in the post season and that was against Denver. The game against KC made me worry though. Yes they scored a lot of points and they should have (number 2 or 3 ranked O against the 30th or 31st ranked D) but the Colts D *has* to show up in NE. The Pats' D *will* make it hard on Manning and Company so if the Colts' D doesn't make it hard Brady and Company the Colts will lose. The Colts problem is peak performance but consistent performance.

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    when a team makes it this far, then they are very viable for a superbowl ring

    i do place my bets on new england and philly to go the the big game

    carolina or indianapolis going all the way would be a pleasant surprise for me...i love it when a team not expected to win makes it all the way
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    Fair points, but I think one has to account for the possiibility that a given team usually doesn't have the same mindset in the postseason as they do in the regular season. Indy had already locked up a playoff berth when they lost so badly at the end of the regular season. Clearly the Colts are in an entirely different zone, mentally, in the postseason. Maybe that place is too hard to stay in and they'll look more human this week. Manning did throw a few passes he's lucky weren't intercepted, so maybe that luck will run out. I just can't help but see the Colts offense as not just great but legendary. Historical. This just isn't the same offense we saw in the regular season. The people are the same. Manning claims the plays are the same. So I chalk it up to mental preparation and focus.

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