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Dallas, TX (North Park Center)

Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by rmh, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. rmh
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    Self explanatory:D
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    sounds good, i do a lot of work in dallas
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    until the 3rd party programs I use are supported, I'm going to stick to 10.4.... Sad
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    According to Apple's website, the Northpark Apple Store is currently closed (and will be on the 26th) due to renovations. It recommends going to the Knox St store instead during the closure. JasonMac (from macbookpodcast.com) and I will be at the Knox St. Store broadcasting live to Ustream.tv! So, if you see us, let us know you are from MR and we'd love to interview you.
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    I'm from Baton Rouge, but I will be in Dallas next Friday. Should I go to Knox St. or Willow Bend?
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    I would personally go to Knox. I've never had a good experience at the Wllow Bend store.
  7. rmh
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    Good call. I guess I should have checked. Knox it is!
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    Hmmm Knox or NorthPark

    Well, they are 5 minutes from each other..... You get to wait indoors at NP if the weather is bad...

    NP is an upscale mall like Willow Bend, but I have been curious why Apple would put the stores so close together...

    Willow Bend is a good store..but it is in west Plano... Frisco or somewhere in North Dallas would be a good place too..
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    So what time is everyone getting there? We should be there around 4:00. I wonder how many people are actually gonna line up for the event? I seriously doubt 500 people will be there at 6:00.

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    Don't forget about Micro Center!

    Hello all-

    Please don't forget about Micro Center as an Apple retail alternative. I work the Apple department there along with my co-worker John Jones. We are extreme Apple nerds that are stuck in a PC store. We do have a dedicated Apple Department and we are dedicated Apple addicts. I know the Apple store is the obvious first choice, but if for geographical reasons you were considering Best Buy or Fry's as your retailer of choice to pick up Leopard; please consider us instead. We have insured enough copies will be available and are even trying to get access to the up to date discs to distribute for $10 if you bought your Mac after October 1st. We are a certified Apple reseller and I assure you we have more knowledge and skill then the guys and Best Buy or Fry's. I am appauled at some the customer experiences I hear from those two. We even fancied up our Department with a Leopard motif. So if you want to stop by and check us we would appreciate it. Thanks, and sorry to barge in on the NPC thread. We like our friends at NPC as well as Knox.

    Heed this one warning, if you iniate a conversation with David Thompson you might want to insure you have an hour to spare; he is a talker.

    10.5 = awesome


    Jerrett Maritn
    Apple Dept.

    Micro Center
    13929 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX
    (972) 664-8500
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    Free t-shirt!

    I might have to make it out now. I'd probably be the only dude in line not planning to buy Leopard! I don't even own a mac! My mac is company owned and i've already pre-ordered copies for me and my techs.

    Think they will give away 500 shirts at 6pm?
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    Is the Apple Store at Willow Bend bad? Honestly they need an Apple Store in Denton County (where I live). :mad: There are plenty of good size malls out here... I hope to make it to the Willow Bend store because it is the closest to me. I really hope they do some product giveaways, I am in desperate need of an iPod. A MBP wouldn't hurt either. :) :apple:
  14. rmh
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    Haha I got my mini from him a month ago. I already pre-ordered, but I'll have to stop by and see your "Leopard motif".
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    Also we will have a $40 mail in rebate on leopard.
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    I got my Leaopard and Free Tshirt

    I made my purchase at Willows Bend Mall and got there at 5:10pm right after work. The line had already started but within 20 minutes in line, people started to extend the line past Dillards. I like how they did the set up since you had Apple employees line up in the back of the store using wireless credit card devices. I was in and out in no time. They also gave me a Tshirt once I walked in. All the computers had Leopard on them. After my purchase, I stopped by one of the computers and a sales person demonstrated how Time Machine worked. It was really cool but it seems a little slow.

    I'm going to upgrade my laptop first and then do my desktop this weekend since that would take a while for me to do- I have to make more hardrive space.

    Thanks Apple for making it worth the wait! :)

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    Please excuse the horrible (and tiny) picture. There were at least 75 people in line at 6pm -- probably more.


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