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Dallas, Tx

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by cmschmidt, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Come on Dallas peeps...where you at?

    I'll be at the NorthPark mall Apple Store....whole day of work taken off to wait in line. :D

    who's with me?
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    i might be. what time is the lineup expected to begin? are they allowing people to line up inside the mall (if so, you can bet i'll be where the a/c is!)? if not, i might head to knox henderson or i was even thinking an at&t store since they will probably be less busy.
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    yeah, i'll probably be at northpark too. but hm.. not sure what time yet. do yall know when they'll go on sale on the 11th?
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    I'm over in rockwall, so while i love the northpark store, it is about 40 minutes away compared to my AT&T store which is about 4 minutes away. so AT&T store wins.. plus it'll probably be less crowded
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    rockwall all the way!

    ill be at the rockwall att store next to the starbucks by I-30!! does anyone know when to anticipate the line starting??
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    I live in Waxahachie, there are a few AT&T stores near me but I have a good amount of Apple gift cards so it'll either be the Knox-Henderson or Northpark Apple Store...haven't decided yet.
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    Burleson ATT


    I'll be in line at the Burleson ATT store. I haven't decided when I should head out yet, but I'll be there. If anyone else is in the area, let me know. I think i'm getting the White one...i think.
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    I would normally be in a ATT store, no point going to the Apple Store...however, I'll be in Cleveland.
  9. rw3
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    I'll be at the Willowbend Apple Store....
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    I'm thinking Willowbend as well. I'm in McKinney so its much closer. :D
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    i'm totally there, but not sure what time to get in line. i know a bunch of my friends want to camp out with a tent and junk. does anyone know if we'll be inside? also, is there any way to know how many phones each store will have?
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    Northpark mall!! It's indoors with AC. Can't beat that in TX during July. :D
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    I'll be at North Park Mall around 9am if the launch time is 6pm. If launch is at 9am I guess I have no choice but to camp out the night before, probably right after dinner.
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    Wish I could make it and broadcast live like we did at last years Leopard event. Oh well I have to work that day and can't make it.
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    Anyone going to the Hulen at&t store? or the one behind NE mall?
    I want the 16gb white one. Not sure when to start lining up
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    the willow bend store is the biggest in the Dallas area.... if anyone is concerned about it selling out (I'm not), this might be the best place to go .. .
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    What time is everyone going to start lining up?
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    For any of you early risers waiting in line for the Apple stores to open, you'll be glad to know Pegasus News will be there with Dunn Bros. coffee to give away. We'll be promoting our new iPhone mobile site and (crosses fingers) application (pending approval from Apple).
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    9pm @ northpark mall. come join me

    So whos with me at Northpark. I am planning to be there around 9pm thursday. Looking forward to meeting whoever is interested. I think Apple will have enough for everyone but I just want to make sure ;)
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    ummm ... you mean like waiting outside the mall? I would expect a security guard to get on your case lest you offend the Neimans customers. And how exactly does a line transfer in an orderly fashion from the mall entrances to the apple store? Are you just going to run like hell when the mall doors open and hope you get there first?
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    Bring a sharpie. whoever gets there first..start numbering the people comes after. Just write the number on their hand.
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    And circle the mall to make sure the people at each entrance are numbered according to their arrival time?
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    willow bend doesn't have that many entrance. alot of entrace are through the department store which are not open till 11....therefore the closest entrance is at the food court. and the mall must know about this..so they already said that they are going to set up the line outside by food court..
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