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Dallas, Tx

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by itsjared, Jun 7, 2010.

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    OK, let's fire this back up. June 24th! Where you gonna be?

    Willow Bend for me!
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    Fairfax, VA AT&T stores / Fair Oaks Apple Store (Washington DC Metro Area))

    anyone this year? Im thinking fairoaks apple store....
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    Knox St for me. 3rd year in a row now.
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    Preorder for me this time. Back in 2008 I waited 13 hours in line at the fair oaks mall (no food or restroom breaks) for the 3G. Stupidest thing I have done in a long time. Last year wasn't so bad because of reservations but you still had to be there early which sucks. Preorder online with delivery to my house on release day sounds best to me.
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    Mr. Chewbacca

    Looking like University Park for me. Meeting up with some friends. Should be fun.. cold beer and iPhones :)
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    You mean NorthPark Mall?
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    I went to the AT&T in Fairfax off Lee Hwy and such and that was interesting. They all accused me of cutting in line when I just simply sat down. It provided topics to talk about. The glares I got when I left were interesting. A friend and I were waiting for my phone. This year, we might both do it together. iPhone and then grab some IHOP right next to it and what a great way to start the day!

    If a friend wasn't getting it, I'd definitely just do online order and ship it to me though. I don't see why not. ;)
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    You "provided topics to talk about..." lol...probably came off like a douchebag. Careful of that.

    Normally I'd be going to the Fair Oaks store, but I'll be in training in Arlington. I'll be at the Clarendon store, that wholre area is really nice anyway.
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    I think he means the one on Knox St. It's in Highland Park, but University Park is right there.

    That's the store I'm probably camping out at.
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    It's actually in Dallas. The one in NorthPark is closest to University Park...but yeah, I think he did mean Knox St.

    Guess I'll see you guys there. I'll come a couple of hours before opening.
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    Going to the AT&T store in Plano near Plano Parkway and 75. Went there for the 3GS and it was quick and painless.
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    Are you pre ordering for pick up or are you going to get in the non pre order line?
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    Last year I reserved, but I hear that won't be available this year. So I guess I'm pre-ordering.
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    Mr. Chewbacca

    LOL, Actually I dont know. I'm meeting up with some friends. I'll ask. hopefully northpark.

    Do you have to stay in line or do they give you numbers?

    BTW I am pretty easy to pick out in a crowd, I am 6'8" 330lbs with blonde hair. Hope to see you there!!
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    I'm thinking about Southlake Town Square or University Park.. Not sure which one will garner a smaller crowd.
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    Bugging me that you guys keep calling it University Park or Highland Park even though that's Dallas city limits. But I just looked it up on the Apple store website and it has a Highland Park address!?!? Same on Google maps.

    Odd, I used to live right there on Travis @ Knox and I had a Dallas address. Has something changed?

    Edit: The old RR (Katy Trail now) is the Eastern border of HP.
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    Addresses in Highland Park may use either "Dallas, Texas" or "Highland Park, Texas" as the city designation, although the United States Postal Service prefers the use of the "Dallas, Texas" designation for the sake of simplicity. This can be seen on the USPS website Zip Code finder when the town name (Highland Park) is replaced by the surrounding city (Dallas) name. This shows that the USPS recognizes the use of the "Highland Park, Texas" address designation, but that its automated mail sorter systems will group any mail addressed to a Highland Park address with mail addressed to a Dallas address in the same (or surrounding) zip codes. The same is true for University Park, Texas and for the nearby former town of Preston Hollow which was incorporated into the City of Dallas in 1945.
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    Yeah, but Highland Park ENDS @ Katy Trail. Everything east of Katy Trail is Dallas. See this map:

    The Apple store sits in Dallas proper. Even it's Zip Code is a Dallas address 75205 (my old zip code.) Heck, my old apt was closer to HP by 3 blocks than the Apple store is.

    I realize this is unimportant, it's just got me curious...guess I have nothing better to do than wonder about stupid stuff like this. :D
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    AT&T store in Addison
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    AT&T Store West Plano (Next to Willowbend) is where I'm preordering.
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    Not talking out of my ass, my opening day shirt for that store says "University Park Village," and that's it.
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    Hope you didn't think I implied you were. That could very well be the name of that shopping center. Interesting.
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    No offense taken, just trying to give some clarity to the situation. To be honest I'm not sure what to actually call it :eek:. Oh well, I think I'm going to end up going to Southlake even though I know the line will be pretty substantial any time after midnight.
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    I don't know about the apple stores, but the AT&T store guides say 1 line there. I'd ask to make sure.
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    Last year the Knox store did 2 lines. One Reserve and one non-reserve. Seems I was told incorrectly...reserve is back.

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