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Damien Rice's 9 not totally downloading

Discussion in 'iPod' started by JW008, Nov 14, 2006.

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    Anyone bought the album and had this trouble? Got the pre-order e-mail last night and it downloaded everything but the first song on the album (9 Crimes). I e-mailed Apple, but has this happened to anyone else? What did Apple do to correct it?
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    I sent them an email. Dammit.

    On a related note, I'm a little dissapointed with the album. O was amazing... literally life-changing. This? Kinda folk-poppy. Granted, I've had it for a few hours now so I'll hold off judgement.
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    I had an issue downloading the Lily Allen album a while back. It downloaded all but the last two tracks. I emailed Apple and they refunded me for the entire album. Result really as I got to keep the tracks that worked and then downloaded the two that didn't for £1.58 so an entire album for £1.58 effectively :)
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    Problem #1: It was a Lilly Allen album. :p

    ... seriously, though, that's good info. Thanks.
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    I agree after the first two or three listens, but I think of how long it took me to really "get" O. Literally life-changing is right. I don't dislike 9, but I don't see the same potential in it as I did O. Of course I'd rather have a disappointing Damien Rice album than 99.9% of everything else out there.

    Also, thanks for the heads up, MacRy. I hope that's what happens here.
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    Apple e-mailed me back and it was made available to me. Oddly enough the album art doesn't match the album art from the rest of the album...oh well.
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    Me too

    me too - odd, that
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    Oy, you leave Lily alone!! (It's my album of the year so far)
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    It seems a little anal-retentive on my part, but I e-mailed Apple back about the problems I'm having with the album. In addition to the album art not matching (which is a fairly easy fix--just copy and paste the one from the other downloads), it won't show up with the rest of the album. When I list the album in order, it has 9 Crimes showing up as that last track instead of the first. I tried everything (deleting all the info and manually reenterting it, etc. etc.), but cannot get it to sync up with the rest of the album. Here's the response Apple sent me:

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    Yeah, you took it one step further than I did, that's for sure. Let me know what happens, alright?
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    Damien Rice 9 Crimes track will not play on iPod Shuffle

    I have had a problem with the Damien Rice song "9 Crimes." It will not play on my 1st generation iPod shuffle, which is upsetting because that is my preferred method of listening to music in my car.

    I have spent a lot of time on this and spoken/chatted with 3 Apple Care reps. The latest advice, by an American, was to re-purchase the song. I have done that and it still does not work.

    The iPod has been in use for about 3 months and otherwise functions perfectly. It currently has about 100 other tracks on it which play as expected. It simply refuses to play "9 Crimes" through the headphone jack. This song was purchased through the iTunes music store and plays fine through the 2 Macs and 1 PC that I have authenticated.

    I have put too much time into this, but am prepared to devote more. Tomorrow I will try to call Apple Care one more time (so annoying their limited hours, especially since they are in India - seems like it should be 24 hour support). If they can not help me I'm taking it to an Apple retail store and see what the geniuses can come up with.

    I'd like to know if anyone else has had a similar problem. There are a number of things I have tried; if anyone wants I can provide more detail.
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    then you just change art album to unify. what's a deal?

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