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Damn Tech Warped my PB case

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by dswoodley, Jul 31, 2004.

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    I took my 12 in PB into my local reseller to have the 4200 rpm 40 gb hard drive swaped out for a 5400rpm 60gb hard drive. The first thing I noticed when i got it back was that the case didn't lie flatly on my table. either one opposite corner or the other would be about 2 mm off the table. I know my PB and that was not how it was when I dropped it off to the tech. I called and he swears the procedure couldn't have warped the case, and even if it did it wasn't their responsibility.

    Anyone ever had a case warped from this procedure? Any ideas what to do?
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    Man, That sucks.

    i wish you luck with it. :confused:
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    The bottom case is flexible, and it could have bent when he disassembled the Powerbook, there is also a chance that the feet have been installed incorrectly which could cause this problem.
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    That sounds more likely than the case being warped. The feet probably wore unevenly and the Tech put them back on in a different order.

    Though the 867MHz 12" case isn't reinforced like the later models so it is possible, just unlikely.
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    Dr. Dastardly

    Its kind of hard to imagine that the hard drive got so hot that it would manipulate the aluminum to the point that it starts to warp, but not affect the rest of the hardware. I agree with Macmaniac that it might just be bent.

    But I guess bent is just another word for warped. :D
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    So my thesaurus claims.
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    nope, i can confirm the case is warped - stretched a string from one end to the other - on a perfectly straight case there shouldn't be a bow in the metal.
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    well I'm not an expert on this but if he is worth is salt he should have liability insurance to protect his screw ups. If you take a car into an automechanic and it comes back with a huge dent in the fender who pays? Normally those case parts cost about 100 to 300 dollars. I'd make a big fit if it bothers you and worse comes to worse small claims court.
    Protect the PB at all cost. Bastard doesn't have any respect!!!
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    Its possible he could have left out screws that attach the bottom case to the inards of your computer. This could cause the center to bow a bit, if you press on the area that is raised does it give and seem to be level, then when you let go does it spring back up?

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