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Danbury, CT Apple Store

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by rye9, Jun 11, 2010.

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    That's the one I'm hitting up. Any others?
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    I might go to West Farms. Not sure yet. Danbury's too far.
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    Did anybody go to an iPhone launch here before? I'm not sure what kind of volume to be expecting...
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    I went to the Danbury Mall last year but I had a reservation. There was quite a few people and I'm assuming that there will be a lot more people this time. I also emailed the mall manager and she said that noone will be permitted in the mall until 7am.
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    I'll be there on Thursday. It'll be my first time getting an iPhone on launch.
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    i think i recall this mall from way back when. if i remember correctly the apple store was actually pretty close to one of the entrances anyways. so i would figure people would just line up outside.
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    I was told by an employee over the phone that the mall would let people in at either 5 or 6...?

    Also, did they give out any freebies such as doughnuts or T-shirts at past launches?
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    Im going

    Reserved on at apple store and preorded one from AT&T, at&t one has not shipped even, so im down to get my reservation one, hope that its not hours of waiting. Really want to make it to work on time.
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    Last year they had pretzels from Auntie Anne's and water that they were giving out.
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    What time are you guys that reserved planning on getting there?
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    Where to go??

    I just talked to Mall Security at the Danbury Fair Mall and they said that Apple Store reported people calling and telling them they would be camping out overnight. Security said that they will turn everyone away from Mall property until 7am. Wanna meet at a diner near the mall anyone??
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    I plan on being there fairly early to feel out the situation. Get a hold of me with twitter @jonwilks.
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    Best Buy Pre-order or head to apple...

    I have a 16g pre-ordered at best buy. I can pick it up tomorrow at 4pm! I dont want to wait that long. I've thought about hitting up the Danbury CT apple store in the morning to see how crazy it is. Some people are laughing at me saying its only a few extra hours and others say its not a bad idea. Im not sure what to do. I'd love to get the phone early but is it not worth it to get there by 6am and wait in a line? Is 6am to late to get there??

    Any suggestions would be great. I also figured if I get it in the morning at apple I can probably make some $$ selling my pre-order at best buy to someone who missed out on getting the phone early. Anyone that has been there before or through this before with any advice or input would be helpful :)
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    Any line reports from someone there now? How many are there in pre-order vs standby line?

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    So what did they give away this morning and/or today? I'm heading over there around noon... hopefully they still have mine :p.
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    They gave out water and starbucks coffee. The lady that helped me said that there were enough for all people who reserved. The line was pretty insane, there were around 150+ on the reserve line and 300+ on the walk in line. I was around 50 on the reserve. When I went in the store they had a wall full of iPhones for pre-orders.

    EDIT: Also they were letting 1 walk in into the store for every 10-15 reserves that they let in.
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    Thanks for the update. I may head to the store after work, around 7pm, and try my luck!
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    Got to the Danbury mall just after 7pm. There was only line behind the Reservations sign, with about 50-60 people on it. I asked an Apple employee if there was a separate line for walk-ins. She responded that there was only one line. She asked if I had a reservation, I did not. She handed me a number ticket, and said that I could get on the line and get a phone.

    Long story short, walked out just after 9:00 pm with my iPhone 4! :D

    Side note, seems like they were running out of stock around 8:15 or 8:30 pm. They had stopped handing out the numbered tickets, and were counting how many phones the people on line were buying.
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    Anybody at the mall today? How were the lines? Phone availability?

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    Was anyone at the mall this weekend? Did they have any phone on Saturday or Sunday?

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    Definitely not. Some phones became available in the evening (apparently cancellations) and they were out again as of 10am Friday.

    Got on the 'priority' list at that time (32gb and 16gb) and as of right now, they said it "hasn't come in".

    I'm guessing an AT&T walk-in would do better . . . they told me that they'd be getting shipments in (really small ones) about 4 days apart (Greenwich store) --- so I'm guessing they've got a warehouse-enforced steady trickle.
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    They had a few over the weekend there. I wish they were the white ones though :(

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