Danbury Fair Mall - Danbury, CT

Discussion in 'iPad Launch Meetups' started by PatrikKiss, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Anyone in the connecticut area heading up to Danbury Fair Mall apple store for the iPad 2 launch ?
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    I'm debating between West Farms and Danbury.
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    I dont really know what to do because I can only get there either at 8AM or 2:30PM... So either way I have to wait. One of the employees says that he thinks people will start lining up at around 9AM. And that their stock will be very limited considering they will have both the AT&T and Verizon models. So Either I wait 10 hours in line or I wait 3 and then possibly not be able to get an AT&T version. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DOOOO!!! :apple:
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    9am seems too early for me, personally, but if you can go at 8am then you'll most likely be the first, if not close to first, in line.

    I'm planning to go around noon. I don't expect there to be many people at that time.

    Plus, it's not a morning launch so the mall will be crowded and people-watching is a great way to pass time. :D
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    hoping a stock level comes in
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    I asked and was told that the stocks wont be as wide because they
    will have all models so the variety is larger but the amount isnt.
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    any idea on what the stock was for each one, trying to decide if i should go here or stamford
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    If for some odd reason the Apple store in the Westchester Mall in White Plains, NY is out or something, I may drive the distance to go here.
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    Anyone in line yet at the Danbury CT apple store?
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    I am heading there around 4. Really hope the lines are not too crazy because I need to catch the UConn game at 7.
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    Thinking about heading over after work, so would love updates from anyone on line.

    Was able to pick up the iPhone 4 on launch day there without much hassle.
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    I'm in the same boat! Think we can wheel in a TV and some beer in case we are there a while????

    PROSP, what time did you show up for the Iphone 4 launch?
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    Anyone there yet to update the line situation??
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    Around 7:30 pm, waited on line for about 30-40 minutes. But I think the sales started at 7am that day.
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    heard theres over 100 people there now.....:mad:
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    Never had a chance to get to the store today. From those that were there How was it?
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    Was there at 9:30 AM forgot that it didn't go on sale until 5:00PM. Two people in line. Didn't stay obviously. Went back at 7:45PM on my way up to VT and there were about 50 people in line and the store was full. I guess they were letting people in a few at a time. Didn't stay obviously. Curious if they still have stock. Plan on stopping by on Sunday on my way home.
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    At the Danbury store now (using the iPad 2), completely sold out. No real info on when they will get more. Could be tomorrow, most likely Monday.
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    Swung by the store this afternoon around 1:30PM. It was packed. Still sold out. The greeter at the door said that they get shipments everyday and should call on Monday to see if any have arrived.

    Please smelled a little gamey. Maybe a little too much activity over the weekend. It needs a rest and some febreze. ;)
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    Called the store around 2pm today, none in stock.....didn't get any in today....are expecting stock tomorrow.

    The person on the phone did say that every call today was asking about the iPad 2, and that they were available first come, first serve.

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