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Danglet for iphone 4

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by AlexDB9, Aug 1, 2010.

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    Anyone ever use one of these? I am going on vacation and taking pics/videos and I wanted a simple safeguard against dropping my phone.

    Any former/current owners of this product?
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    I don't really trust putting something like that on my dock connector. I say if you really want a strap to protect the phone from falling, use a case and wrap a lanyard (that has a phone strap attachment) between the headphone jack and vibrate switch. Stays secure and works well.
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    Poddities e-mailed me saying they're working on an iPhone 4 model. I'd rather trust that than the danglet as it threads into the antenna.
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    I've got one and it worked very well. I haven't used it in a while though. I'd have to dig it up to see but I don't think it will fit if using a bumper.

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