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Danish police surveillance central is all mac with lots of displays

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Nojja, Oct 2, 2009.

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    DAMN!! That's legit. I love it.
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    So, this is, where the TAX-money goes. I would not allow this. They should buy normal, cheap PCs or nettops and install Linux or FreeBSD on them.
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    An then when you call and have an emergency, they will ask you to hold because they have the blue screen of death and need to reboot. lol !!!!!

    j/k ;)
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    And when then there is the insurmountable cost of having custom apps built for the security surveillance and the huge costs of support by that development team that is specific to your installation and use. In the long term its MUCH cheaper to goto Mac. Besides with BSD installed most terminal cmds' are very compatible with Linux so there is no need to go full power and skimp on software abundance. Let alone stream it in low bandwidth high quality to troops at the scene. If Android is to compete with iPhone then their who system from Suse/Ubunto to the Andriod kit must be fluid, not disseperate (this is where Linux fails for medium to small business' and the consumer market: the hardware is just to singular in its own ecosystem).
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    LOL! I'm Danish, and here in Denmark we don't think that way...
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    Very cool very cool
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    Something tells me you didn't major in economics.

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