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Darn, no 17" PB on display in Pasadena.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by GeneR, Mar 24, 2003.

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    Just went to the Pasadena Apple store ready to salivate over the 17" but they have them in stock but none on display. Apparently, they believe customers would be more angry if they had one on display and one less to sell.

    Do other people agree? Or am I the only unhappy one? I like to try things before I commit to throwing down $3K. :D
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    Over Achiever

    Well, they have one on display at the Mall of America, but no demo model.

    At southdale they have no display models at all.

    I was surprised at this, but oh well. I got my powerbook! :D
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    I'd like to see one on display. My local Apple Store doesn't have a 17" on display either.

    I'm sure one of the L.A. area stores must have one, though.
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    The Falls has one in the window display but none on the floor. Yeah I know it sucks.
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    Same deal at Glendale and The Grove.
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    i don't think that's true...
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    there aren't any out on display at the roosevelt field store, but one of the employees went in the back and showed me the box of one on hold :)

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