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Dating A Dev

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by greatdevourer, Dec 11, 2005.

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    i instantly thought of what it is going to be like for julie and i :p

    i just had to change the coding to web development and it works perfectly.
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    I don't know about the bit about not paying attention to the opposite sex. I'm a dev but I still will drop everything for a bit of good lovin':D

    Maybe it's because I'm part time...a part time dev I mean.
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    girls > code

    /me goes back to coding... :(
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    I read that back when it was originally written up and it hasn't lost any of its charm since. Too many true things though!
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    yeah.. an oldie, but goodie.

    I need to go hang out at some developer conferences...

    *hikes up skirt and (tries to) look provocative*
    Heeyyy, boy. Wanna compile a universal binary later? *nudge nudge*
    Hmmm... that does sound rather fun!
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    Haha, just read that out loud to my fiance. Other than the profanity thing, it certainly seems about right. Now I just need to get Apple to give me a job... :rolleyes:
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    you know how to drive the programmers crazy :D
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    And maybe try some debugging if we have time ;)
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    LOL :D A universal binary, huh?! ;) :)
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    Wait a minute, I've been comiling Universal Binaries on my own.

    What does that make me? :eek:

    Don't answer that!
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    Certainly a good read. I am not an Apple developer, and I am not dating an Apple developer, but it was fun to read, and I suspect this relates to anything where one of the people in the relationship are tied up with their job or their hobbies. It looks to me like Emily is interested in Computers herself, and so the relationship works. Same with me and my extreme passion for amateur radio, I suspect some of the same things emily wrote could be transferred to a topic about "Dating a ham operator".

    Can we allow such sexual innuendo on MR? :p
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    Yah, some of us are trying to code here.
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    I know this is a dead thread, but a friend just sent me this:

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    Greatdevourer, thats a good one, I love it!

    Your not alone!
    :eek: :rolleyes:
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    I didn't catch that post 1st time around, so it was new to me!

    I'm not an Apple dev. I code for Windows Mobile devices (gasp! .... but, hey, the MS .NET Compact Framework's quite neat, ok? OK?!!), and a bit of desktop .NET development too. There were quite a few truths in that post... although I must admit I don't tend to ogle the shiny hardware (fnarr!) at the Apple Store exclusively... there are some intriguing women to be found in the London store too!

    It was nice to hear a 'from the other side' point of view. The guy's seriously lucky to have her by the sound of it! I've had my fair share of those 'I just made something so cool moments, but I've never really had a Significant Other who gave a rats-ass about that magic moment that makes the headache and 'eyes-out-on-stalks' sensation worth it. Needless to say, I'm habitually single at the moment :). (and by 'moment', I mean 'past 2 years'. Meh!)

    I don't do Geek T-Shirts though. I'd go for a subtle WTF? or ****? But I have an allergy to company logos on clothing, even if it's Apple's. The swearing that the blogger mentions. Oh sweet @!"^£ @£""^& £@£%" is that true! I don't think there's any other occupation that engenders such a wanton use of cussing. And it usually follows a pattern something along the lines of:

    1) !"?%^! .... why doesn't this work?
    2) What? You @"£!%%£ing call that documentation?
    3) Ah. No... it makes sense now, it should be ok.... AH @£"$"@!!
    4) This time! I've got ya! ..... AH @£!@$(!|||!
    5) Look. I know I've done this right! WHY WON'T YOU @""£:! WORK!
    6) It compiles... but it's not doing what it's meant to... *sob* *cuss* *sob*
    7) Ah! Google says there's this Bolivian developer called Eduardo who posted on some newsgroup that there's a bug in that class! It wasn't me! I'm not an incompetent wretch! WOO ***** WHOO!
    8) That's a sh*tty work-around. Ugly. Evil. Nasty code. But at least it's working.
    9) Now... what's next? OH CRAP!

    (loop until (myProject.IsComplete = True) OR (Time.SunRisen AND Time.BirdsSinging))

    [edit:] Bah. And to unwittingly prove a point, I've just noticed it's very nearly 5 in the a.m. However, my bed's got nothing more exciting than a bunch of worn clothes on it... so at least I'm not upsetting anyone! I'll have to quickly sweep those onto the 'floordrobe'. But in my defence, I've not been geeking it up all night.... I've been shredding my fingers on my Christmas present... a new sunburst-coloured Fender Squier! Woohoo!

    *strums a few bars of Jingle Bells, just for the MR forums folk!*
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    What a great article.
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    thats awesome.

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