Daystar 1.92Ghz G4 upgrade for FP iMac G4

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by sigamy, Sep 23, 2005.

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    I just saw this on I wasn't looking for an upgrade to my iMac G4 but this is a bit tempting. It is a 1.92Ghz G4 upgrade for $588.

    I'm a heavy iLife user, I edit movies and burn DVDs. Anything to help with encoding effects and MPEG2 rendering would be great.

    I know you can get a mini for this price, or save a bit more for a G5 iMac but I'm not a fan of those machines. I love my FP iMac.

    What do you all think about this upgrade? Worth it or crazy?
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    Good luck...

    Does it improve the FSB? If not, you won't see a HUGE improvement.
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    Man, I love my G4 iMac, and this upgrade would be awesome, though expensive (specially not being in the US). If cash isn't that much of a problem I would probably go for it since, IMO the G4 FP iMacs are the best-looking and functional desktops Apple has made. Though one potential drawback is what exactly do they replace? Is it just the CPU or the whole motherboard. Not having USB2 on mine (1GHz) I think I'd wait and just buy a whole new Mac in a couple of years, since so many things are depending on the USB connection and Firewire will probably soon be leaving us. So if you have a 1.25 GHz, or if I did, I'd be much more behind this upgrade, if they upgrade the motherboard to include USB2 I think I'll be looking at shipping mine down and getting it done. Thanks for the post
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    I just had Daystar upgrade three PB Tibooks. I am EXTREMELY happy with their CPU upgrade -- really makes 'em faster. Gary, the owner, is very conscientious. Just make sure the unit is packed and shipped right.
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    Ok this is so cool. I assume this will totally void apples warrenty right? Maybe after my apple care runs out I'll give this a go. A 1.92GHz G4 iMac with 2 gigs of ram, now that would truely rock. :D
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    Actually, Daystar can handle your warranty issues. We warranty the upgraded logic boad ourselves. The other components are not effected, warranty wise.
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    Don't overestimate the FSB. It really depends on what you do....

    Simple fact:
    A Dual 1.42 GHz G4 is faster is some (many?) actions than a Single 1.6 GHz G5.
    The Dual G4 only has one FSB running at 167 MHz, while the G5 has a 800 MHz one.
    Here's an example.
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    Umm this guy is from daystar or is it just the name? Ummmm a bit odd dont you think :confused:
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    Don't get what's "odd" -- but do know the info is correct. They've warrantied and given new life to my PBs. Good deal.
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    The FSB problem is a limitation of the G4 processor. You'll never see anything over 167MHz unless Freescale can develop something faster. I tell you what, I used to have a 1.8 GHz iMac G5, and I currently have a 1.67GHz PowerBook G4, and the PowerBook isn't any slower than the iMac G5. Somethings feel faster than my iMac G5. So FSB isn't everything. Yes, it is a limitation, but its not everything. Going from 1 GHz to 1.92 GHz is almost a 1 GHz upgrade and you WILL see a difference in doing most things.
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    I have a 1 Ghz 17" imac and am considering this upgrade. The imac is almost exclusively used by my brother so maybe he will pay for most or not all the cost of the upgrade. $600 is pretty steep though, I wonder how long it will take for the price of the 1.92Ghz upgrade to drop to under $500. Spending $400-$500 or so for the 1.92Ghz upgrade would be worth it considering my imac has 1Gig of RAM already invested in it.

    If anyone decides to take the plunge and send in an imac please do share.
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    I thought so too. I got a bit paranoid since I don't recognise California (sorry :eek: ) or DaystarTech, but California has 350+ posts, so at least they're (probably) not in kahootz!

    DaystarTech has 2 posts in total, and both of them were advertisements for DayStar, which means he should get banned according to the rules (no advertising your company).
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    Lord Blackadder

    This is a pretty good upgrade. The only thing that might keep me from doing it (if I had a FP iMac) is the fact that there is no way to upgrade the ancient video card.

    Still, for iLife and whatnot this upgrade is a great idea.
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    At first I was considering this upgrade but after some thought it makes no sense to me. The only reason for doing this upgrade is for the folks who absolutely love their G4 based imacs and refuse to even consider getting something else. Spending $600 on my 17" 1 Ghz imac G4 is a no go. I could easily get $600 guaranteed or even more for my imac especially considering it has 1GB of Ram and Airport Extreme. Actually I could probably get around $800+ for it. A refurb 2Ghz 17" imac G5 is only $1249 and a brand new one is only $1399 with student discount. So for the same price or $150 more than the daystar Upgrade I could get a 2Ghz G5 imac with 1Gb of RAM (assuming $50 for additional 512MB stick, 128MB Radeon 9600, Bluetooth and Airport Extreme Standard, SATA drive, upgraded Optical Drive and a whole lot more.

    My imac G4 is almost 3 years old and there is nothing I can do about the 64MB Geforce 4MX, ATA interface, oh and only USB no USB 2 ports!! Also would other components like my Power Supply, LCD, etc even last another 3 years. Although the imac G4 is a splendid design, I don't think Hardware reliability is it's strong Point. Hard to imagine a 6 year old imac G4 still in perfect working order with original parts.

    $300 to $400 and this option would be a go for me, however I doubt the price for the upgrade would go down to that price at least not for another year or two which would again make it not much of a viable option.
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    Lord Blackadder

    I think he's in a grey area. Personally I don't mind if a guy from Daystar posts here, in fact it's a good thing because we can ask questions about products.

    As long as it is more along the lines of technical questions or relatedl questions (how warrantees are handled) I wouldn't call it advertising and don't see a problem.
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    1.9 upgrade

    I also thought about this upgrade alot.

    It would almost double my speed. ( 1 ghz 17" )

    But what I really need now is another computer.

    A nice new Powerbook at 1.8-2 Ghz would be just fine.
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    I agree. He was helping us understand their policies.
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    Here's a secret: call Daystar and tell them what your price range is. If you feel this way, probably other people feel this way, too, so they should know that they are possibly outpricing themselves in the market.

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