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dead CRT on emac

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by edwajean, Apr 13, 2006.

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    My emac screen died with a pop and just a (mostly red & white) vertical line and a smell of burning plastic. I can still get into the emac by filesharing with another emac, but can't get a separate monitor (which I have already) to work so I can use emac on its own. Can someone please tell me how I can use this emac (700MHZ model, running OS10.3) without having to use filesharing? (Local Mac store says will replace CRT for $500 + labour - ha ha) Thanks guys...:)
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    Get a mini-VGA adapter and run a monitor off of that. If the monitor is dead, dead then you might not need a hack at all.
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    use miniVGA adaptor

    Thanks for swift response! Have already tried running another standalone monitor using VGA output jack, but won't work- new screen shows up black. Presume as it's mirroring, there's nothing to mirror off the dead CRT, maybe?? Any other ideas please?:)
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    If the external video is dead too then it sounds like a video card issue. Can you confirm that you get a signal, it's dead, or it's just outside the display range for the external display?
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    Did you turn the eMac off and start it back up with the second monitor attached? It may not have detected the monitor. Restarting would be the easiest way to make sure it knows to look for display devices.
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    Ooo...I forgot about detecting displays.
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    dead crt on emac 700

    I can confirm that
    a) still emits burning plastic smell
    b) standalone monitor says "Out of Range", H: 71 KHZ, V: 79 KHZ, MAX: 1280 x 1024.
    c) Pulsating vertical white/red/blue thin line in centre of emac screen.

    Does this help you figure anything out? Am keeping my fingers crossed you can help me! :)
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    Yeah, it sounds like your external monitor can't handle the output from the eMac. You're going to need a high end CRT for those crazy resolutions and refresh rates. I have a 21" monster just for that. :D
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    Yeah, you need to try a different external monitor. It sounds like that one won't handle the current resolution. Is it really old or anything? You may try holding down Shift after you hear the startup chime, but I doubt thats gonna help.

    Edit: Dang, beat me to it!
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    Sorry but I don't understand why not... I just connected the (new) standalone CRT monitor to my other emac (1.25 GHZ) and it mirrors the display just fine. So how come it won't show the display from the no-display emac-? (And yes I did restart the emac, thanks for the tip).
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    You more then likely detect the display and it picks a refresh rate that the external can mirror. What kind of external are you using?
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    No no no

    You have burned out your analog/video card on the eMac and if you keep running it pushing voltage through the card and monitor and getting that burning plastic smell, you risk starting an actual fire.

    Seriously what are you thinking???
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    And if the fire starts, don't throw water on it!

    Seriously though... thats good to know. Sorry for giving you advice that almost burned down the remains of your eMac.
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    Your help much appreciated from little old new Zealand!
    It's a CMV-930D, approx 47 cm diagonal screenwidth.
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    I was wondering why it was still making a smell.
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    Thank you so much for the swift replies here - I really appreciate your help. Smelly emac now permanently turned off - now i understand the ongoung platicky smell- aaargh!

    OKAY- so if it's the analog/video card burned out - can you tell me if this is replaceable please (and/or expensive - like the $500 + I was quoted for a new CRT)? - And out of curiosity, does this actually mean the SAME as the CRT being "burned out" or not (as I paid the mac repairer here, $30 to tell me that and hand me back the emac...) Cheers from Nelson, New Zealand:)
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    I can't answer your question about the part being replaced or the price, but if nothing else, you should be able to remove the hard drive and hook it up to an enclosure or to another computer to retrieve that data. You have to be careful cause CRT parts can be dangerous, but I'm sure there are instructions available around here somewhere for getting to the hard drive.
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    The board and the actual CRT tube are separate items, but I have never seen them sold separately as parts, you usually only see them as a pair for about $450.

    If you found someone who had, i dunno, put their boot through the CRT and was selling the eMac for scrap, you could theoretically pull the part out and repair -- still I would let a technician do it because there is enough high voltage on the back of a CRT --EVEN ewhen turned off -- to kill you.

    FWIW it's better probably to part your machine out & make a couple of bucks on the CD & logic board, keep the hard drive (put it in a Firewire case) and buy something else.
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    One last question (hopefully!): Video cards are often for sale on eBay (or its equivalent here in new Zealand called TradeMe) - what do you think if I get one there (about$30-$60) and took it into a technician to be installed? Does that sound OK to you?
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    --And even after being unplugged for years, it can hold enough of a charge to kill you. (Just wanted to make sure you don't try unplugging it and then taking it apart). ;)

    For this reason, even most technicians will not dare open up a CRT.
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    if you take the right safety precautions and don't act like an idiot (take off all jewelry, metal stuff, wear goggles, use only one hand, etc.), you can do it, and it won't kill you. Although, it's most definitely a good idea to have someone standing near you who knows CPR and has a cellphone they can call 911 with...

    please don't take my word for it though, it really isn't for people with no experience whatsoever.
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    I think you just proved my point. :D
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    still, it's not like anyone who disassembles a CRT is going to get electrocuted or get a gazillion shards of glass blown straight into their face or something. it's something that MIGHT happen, and when it does you'll be damn glad you had someone nearby to call for help :)
    i mean, what you said is true...just...

    also, i dont think one unplugged for years is enough to kill you, especially not with all the safety measures put in place just in case. same goes for the imploding glass, as it's probably safer to stand in front of an imploding CRT than it is to stand behind one...
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    Thanks for all the dire warnings - point taken! SO-O-O... if I buy a secondhand video card, what do you think if I get one (about$30-$60) and took it into a technician to be installed? Does that sound feasible to you?
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    No, because the eMac does not have a traditional video card that is replaceable. According to this site: http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/emac/faq/expansion.html the eMac's video card is soldered to the motherboard, thus making replacement generally impossible (unless you are the professor on Gilligan's Island).

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