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Dead Macbook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by BasilFawlty, Nov 20, 2011.

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    I have a 2009 Aluminum Unibody Macbook (not pro) that suddenly decided to stop working. Battery seems to be charging and I'm getting good green lights on the battery power indicator. However, when I push the power button (with or without the external power plugged in) nothing happens. Dead as a doornail. I tried the SCM reset procedure and that made no difference.

    Naturally this is out of Apple Care so I'm likely to have to get an estimate to have it repaired. Has anyone reading this had similar problem and if so, how much did it cost to repair? (I realize it will depend on what the exact problem is, but I'm hopping there is some commonality in these issues).
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    It'll probably cost you like $700 and that's just my guesstimate.
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    In my opinion, you might as well just get a new macbook...
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    How about a new Dell! If it ends up that it's going to cost that much to repair, after only 3 years of ownership, it doesn't inspire me to want to waste my hard earned $$ on another of the same.
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    honestly I think the 2009 macbook pros were crappy little machines. I had one and the hard drive went bad on it after a year, then the battery needed to be replaced after 600 cycles, then finally the logic board burned out the lids port. I bought another macbook pro with a 3 year warranty and if this one does not last any longer then I'll be done with apple
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    not much u can do without taking it apart. ifixit has lots of free takeapart guides.

    could be motherboard, or just the keyboard switch, again you will need to disassembly it to find out and a test bed..if you can find a apple shop in your city and see if they are will to test it for a reasonable price..

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