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dead pixel on Imac G5

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by brobson, Oct 10, 2004.

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    I wouldn't have known what a dead pixel was if it were not for this group.
    I noticed one spot that stays bright when all others are dark.
    What can I do? I hate to send it back over one pixel.
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    Just as well, because you can't! :eek: They will not replace a screen because of 1 dead pixel :(
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    Rod Rod

    what you have is a stuck pixel... yes it's just as bad as a stuck pixel, if not worse. the odd thing is that it's much easier to notice a stuck pixel compared to a dead one, so it could have been worse. of course that's no real consolation.

    if the place where you bought this has a no-questions-asked return policy, use it. most places won't take a pixel problem as a "valid reason" for a return, except if you meet a certain threshold (like 4 or 7 or some other number) of defective pixels.

    if the place where you bought it has a strict return policy I suppose you'll have to rely on charm, begging, charisma, persistence, complaining, or whatever strategy is your strong suit, to get a replacement and avoid paying a restocking fee.

    this topic has been done many times over on these boards (dead / stuck pixels policies), so hopefully noone will start the back-and-forth about manufacturing costs and so on.
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    I bought it at the Apple store online

    I doubt they'll do anything.
    They almost wanted to charge me a restocking fee for returning a airport express. ( they shouldve sold me an extreme and I called to even double check before purchasing) Then my G5 took over 30 days (probably because I ordered an Airport card) And by the time I was able to test it the time was up. I said "But I didn't have the computer yet!"
    She said OK.
    Anyway. I don't want to spend another $65 for an airport extreme. One spokesperson suggested a 3rd party. Vector or something?
    Anyone have any suggestions about that?
    I really don't like all these cords hanging out of the computer.
    I will post in a new catagory if I don't get much response here.

    PS: The stuck pixel doesn't really bother me. I just love this machine!!
    I only hope it isn't going to lead to more stuck pixels??!?

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    Dont Hurt Me

    Just try rubbing it out gently, it may work. I just got a new NEC monitor and dont have 1 that i can find but i do run it at 1280. try to massage it out gently.1 pixel is no big deal unless you run it at 640 x 480. good luck
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    I have a FP iMac g4 and i had two stuck pixels. I rubbed them both out with the tip of a palm pilot stylus and they never returned. Massage the pixel gently so that it gets shoved back into place without messing up other pixels.
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    I've heard this only makes it worse, though i could be wrong.
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    Gently rubbing a stuck pixel can make things worse if you don't know what your doing. But if you know what your doing, and take the proper precautions, you shouldn't damage it more than it already is.
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    It won't make things worse if you massage GENTLY. You can't press too hard on an LCD's surface.
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    When Apple gets these dead pixel cases, all they do is rub it out like someone suggested. I haven't heard of it making it worse. Just press very gently with the pad of your finger, might want to put a piece of cloth between your finger and the screen, and do a gental circular motion and see if it helps bring the pixel back to life.

    Make sure you use something that wont scratch the screen.
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    I had 5 or 6 stuck pixels on my Flat Panel iMac after getting it back from the repair center (had to replace the arm assembly), and all I did was take the soft cloth that comes with the flat panel imac and rub in a circular motion pressing GENTLY on the screen and it took all but 2 out.

    They're in the very bottom right corner so its not a big deal for me. A little off topic, but they also scratched the living crap out of the clear plastic that goes around the display. Man I was pissed, but there was nothing I could do because I couldn't prove that those scratches weren't there before I took it in. I'll NEVER take it back there again!
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    No good

    I appreciate everyones advice but it didn't help.
    I am afraid to rub it too hard.

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    sorry to hear that, i've also had a bad screen on my powerbook. but... it's the very nature of lcd technology to have faulty pixels, and if apple had a return policy to accept every faulty lcd, the prices of computers and displays would be A LOT higher.

    if you don't do graphical design with your computer, you likely won't notice it much. next time buy your lcd from a retail store, and make a deal with the seller that you are purchasing a defect-free display and should there be even one faulty pixel they would have to exchange it for another piece free of charge. (i made such a deal when i was buying this current 1.25GHz powerbook, and i'm glad i did because it was only the fourth powerbook that had perfect display. the company who sold me the laptop wasn't so pleased with the situation, but what can they do? they made the deal with me before i paid the computer, and that's it.)
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    The *small* difference is that she bought a whole mac, an iMac ... not a display, and yes you're right, if they got to accept 1 pixel return policy... we would be paying a lot, more...
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    you can press too hard, and it all comes down to the definition of "gentle push". for someone stronger than average, the "gentle push" can break the lcd display panel altogether, or even break the backlight panel behind it. i've seen it happening, the lcd technology is fragile.
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    how is the imac so different as "a whole mac" than a powerbook?
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    -next time buy your lcd from a retail store, and make a deal with the seller that you are purchasing a defect-free display and should there be even one faulty pixel they would have to exchange it for another piece free of charge.- <<< until this point you wrote as if you talked about a single display ... then, you come with your PB quote...
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    yes, the same applies to all lcd's in general. i went into specifics with my own experience... and no biggie, i also sometimes read / comment to posts too fast :D :D :D

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