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Dead Pixels Ipod 5th Gen 30 GB White

Discussion in 'iPod' started by arturovenezuela, Mar 24, 2006.

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    I have my 5th Gen 30GB White Ipod since December 29th... I don´t know why I just realized it has 1 dead pixel... even though I have been taking great care of it... it never fell, and Is still with the plastic cover...

    What do I need to do to get this fixed? how bad does the screen needs to be in order to get a replacement...

    There´s no such option in the support area..


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    I think that a mac genius can help out but typically it's usually 7 dead pixels before replacement?
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    apparently if you complain enough you'll get your way, i've never tested this theory though
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    7 dead pixels? Surely it can't be that much when it has a quite low-resolution in the first place. I'm sure Apple would give you a replacement, but if they don't... well your out of luck.
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    I imagine they'd fix it but I could see them arguing it isnt a high enough amount of pixels. But there's always the argument that it disrupts viewing, which it does... well no one here can tell you if Apple will fix it... you have to ask Apple themselves.
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    Scarlet Fever

    any chance of a replacement

    mine has about 5 stuck pixels, what do you reckon?
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    I believe as many as seven dead pixels are within spec for a 5G iPod. There is always a dead pixel tolerance and it is as many as twenty or thirty on laptop screens, so one dead pixel won't get you anywhere, really.
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    My 5G iPod has a few red (stuck) pixels that show up once every few months. A simple (and EXTREMELY GENTLE) massage makes them go away for another few months.

    If your pixels are near the center of the screen, GENTLY push on the display just enough so that you can see the liquid moving under the glass (did I mention be gentle), and it may or may not work. This works best when the iPod is on and the dead pixels are most noticeable.
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    I doubt the thresholds Apple uses for larger displays apply to the iPod. I haven't heard much about dead/stuck pixels on iPods, so I would figure they would be pretty lenient on it.

    Speaking of which, my DS has had a stuck pixel from day one. I should get it fixed/replaced...
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    I bought the same iPod that you have from BestBuy and I had a dead pixel. The thing was, when I showed it to them the pixel didn't even show up! However, they replaced it no questions asked! I guess I got lucky. :D
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    You should post a pic if you have one. I hope it doesnt happen to me. I would definitely talk to apple...they should help you out.
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    If you have fewer than seven stuck pixels, they don't have a reason to help you out, as that's within spec for the 5G iPod.
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    I also just noticed a dead pixel on my 5G iPod today:(
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    I did as well. Going to try to exchange it today

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