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    I opened my new powerbook 15 1.5 only to discover a white pixel in the lower left side of the screen. This will drive me nuts and kill my resale value! Anyone know how to fix it?
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    Are you a switcher?
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    fact of life: you will get dead pixels

    your in your first 30 days so you can return it for no reason and try your luck again
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    Try massaging it. It worked for me, I had a stuck red pixel. I don't know if it works on a dead pixel.

    Method: Hold front of screen with some soft cloth (lens cleaning type), and hold back of screen firmly with other hand, near the dead pixel. Then 'massage' the dead pixel on the front of the screen. It might go 'away'. Mine came back a few times after that, but right now it's been gone for a couple of months I think.

    Best of luck!!
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    I have a Ai15 PB. The screen is perfect. All pixels good. However, the screen has whie spots.

    Can't decide to get the display replaced or just live with what I have. I would really hate to have a dead pixel!

    Then again, white spots suck.

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    White spots are a different thing that dead pixels.

    Do the white spot(s) you have repeat partly the colors though? Most do.
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    My wife's iBook had a black dead pixel and massaging cleared up the problem. :)
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    Hmm, wouldn't a dead pixel be black instead of white?
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    It's no white it's red!!!

    On closer exam the pixel is red. I was on the phone with Apple for two hours and they state their policy for "pixel Anomalies" allows for 1-2 malfunctioning pixels and it is impossible for them to guarentee all displays. In short I am out of luck. Also because the PBook was ordered with the 128 meg video upgrade they state I can not exchange or return the unit because it was special ordered. I'm speechless!!! :( :mad:
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    My "stuck" pixel went away in a couple of weeks.
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    That's ridiculous! I can't imagine they wouldn't accept an exchange or return on a BTO product. I mean, they just built the thing.

    Maybe they would accept an exchange or return if something else was wrong, besides one stuck pixel.

    At any rate, I've had one stuck pixel on my PB and I never notice it. I guess I just got used to it.
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    this is a fact of life with lcds. no manufacturer i've heard of will replace a unit for one malfunctioning pixel on the periphery of the screen. not dell, not sony, not abs, not voodoo, not alienware. those higher end companies do offer a stuck pixel policy where they will replace it for anything, but that policy costs like $200 or $300 on top of a $3500 computer.

    if it's red and not white or black, you should be in luck though. seriously try the massaging thing. it really does usually work. it's not just a computer tale. if it's red or pink, it's not 'dead', it's just stuck on that color. the massaging can 'unstick' it.
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    What kind of oils should I use?

    Just kidding. I will try to massage the screen. I pray it will work. It gives me hope to see people have had positive results with the massage, or with time alone. Thanks for the advice.
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    It's always been Apple's policy to deny returns and exchanges for BTO's.

    Try the massaging technique. It works surprisingly well.
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    While I can't speak to Apple's policy regarding BTO, I do know that pixel anomaly policies are like that for all companies. It would be next to impossible to only use displays that turned out perfectly, and the cost of LCD's would go through the roof.

    I have an even stranger one for you all. On the upper right edge of my display is a string of pixels, going down vertically that aren't dead, but are bright. They show color, but its like its had the contrast jacked way up. Since its on the edge and I only notice it when the screen goes all black I don't think much of it, but kinda odd, i'd never heard of it before.
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    My LCD monitor (not Apple) has a couple of "stuck-on" pixels.

    Personally I don't notice them unless the screen is all black or all white.

    Companies can't "throw out" every LCD that has a dead pixel because then no one would able to afford them.
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    I can understand wanting to keep a computer cost effective, but I would think that after spending nearly $2700 bucks for a computer one should expect a glitch free display. I could ( not that I would, I love Apples ) get 2 or 3 PC notebooks with clean displays for the same cost.
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    I bet Steve Jobs does not have any pixel anomalies
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    Hopefully someone has the link(because I dont) but there is a company that offers the policy for $50 and were talking computers that start at $999.
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    When you are as rich as Steve you can afford to throw out 2K+ devices until you get one that is free of miniscule imperfection too.
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    I am not a switcher, and have actually been a huge Apple fan. I led our office to switching from Dell to Apple computers. I love so much of what they do. The fact I enjoy Apple and their technology so much makes the red pixel hurt so much more. It is difficult to passionately and whole heartedly back a company that is indifferent about shipping a $2500 computer out with red malfuntioning pixels :(
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    None of the computers at Macworld SF 2004 had dead pixels
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    Any LCD can get a dead or stuck pixel. Hell it can come out of the box with a stuck or dead pixel. This happens on ALL LCDs screens, not just Apple screens. Yes it even happens on those $2000 Apple Cinema Displays. You just happened to get a display with a dead or stuck pixel. If the rubbing technique doesn't work then your pretty much SOL. I've gotten a couple of stuck pixels in my flat panel iMac and the rubbing technique took all of them out.

    Apple or Dell or any other company cannot control whether or not a pixel on an LCD screen gets stuck or dead...its just one of the disadvantages of having an LCD screen.
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    I don't buy it

    I've purchased half a dozen LCD displays from Dell ranging from 15" to 20". Never one pixel anomaly. Nothing stuck or dead. I type this on my G5 Dual 2Ghz and my Viewsonic P225fb CRT. I tried twice to get a good 20" Cinema display from Apple that had no problems. To no avail. Both tries (from Best Buy for their no questions asked return policy) had multiple dead pixels as well as stuck red and green pixels. Say what you want - there's a QC problem at Apple - or they're just saving $$ by ignoring the problem...
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    Thanks to everyone!!! The massage works!!! The stuck pixel is gone!!!

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