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Dead PowerBook Hard Drive

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Spock, Jan 19, 2007.

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    Well Im not having very good luck this week. I have unresolved screen problems with my iMac and now my PowerBooks hard drive is acting werid, when I tilt my PowerBook the drive makes a light buzz I never really thought anything about it but I have also notice the drive is active more, it goes crazy even when I touch the trackpad. Yesterday was the fun part, I was on MacRumors and I clicked a link and the drive went nuts, the whole thing froze up to a spinning beach ball. After a restart all I got was a grey screen so I got out my tiger install CD to run Disk Utility and install it on my iPod well the installer froze looking for the drive! I have since gotten it to boot after a few trys but I dont want this to happen, so I have a few things I would like to ask: Is it just me, or is this drive on its last leg? I have found 2 drives of the same price to replace it with a 100GB 5400 or a 60 7200 I'm willing to lose size over speed but would I notice the speed? This is a 12" PowerBook 1Ghz with the stock 40gb. Any input would be great, Thank You
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    Just an update and a bump, the PowerBook stays on for about 40 min and crashes and wont rebook until about 20 mins, anybody??
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    Hey sorry if this isn't much consolation but I had a devil of a time with something like that on my 12" powerbook last year and it was definitely the HD. FWIW I don't think the hard drive is really properly seated on these 12" PBs because I've heard of several people having this problem. NOT asking to be flame bait here like "omg apple's products never screw up" but more like, I think this seems to happen with that particular rev of powerbooks so maybe if yours is in really tip-top shape save for that you could talk to Apple about it. Good luck. As regards speed difference I would think that the difference would not be immense save when working with large volumes of information (i.e. calling folders of RAW images or videos w/ previews). Good luck!

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