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Dead screen on powerbook, why?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by BEET, Oct 26, 2004.

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    a few weeks ago I took my powerbook to my local Apple retailer (makes them sound like greengrocers) to have the screen fixed after it went blank (very dark grey, although I could still just make out the desktop). It's been 3 weeks and the store have just told me it's been sent to Apple Uk (from Guernsey where I live) and the repair status is ''being looked at'', such a hassle having to wait soooooo long!!
    anyway, I've just noticed on another pb that there's a warning in the preferences/energy saver bit that the screens life is effected when the sleep mode is turned off. Anyone know if my screen knackered because I kept it 'awake' for three days, is there a limit to how long it can stay on and awake?

    thanks for any suggestions.

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    If you don't enable sleep, it can reduce the overall lifespan of the screen, but this is measured in years anyway. Leaving the computer on for three days solid won't kill the screen on it's own - think of all the displays that you see in shop windows that are on constantly for months on end. You were just unlucky with your screen and got one that didn't last long.
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    That would be your backlight dying. Basically, a fluorescent lightbulb in your display. You can still see a ghost image because of "stray" light shining through the display. My backlight is having problems right now as well, though its cause is a short due to opening and closing the display wearing through the wiring.
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    thanks for the replies, now all I've got to do is wait.

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    I had a Windows laptop that got its backlight burnt out... basically went down to 2-3% brightness of what it 'normally' should be. Being under warranty, they told me it would be replaced, but the screen was backordered, etc., etc. Anyway, after 7 weeks without a working laptop screen, and a lot of trips to the store and a lot of bitching, they gave me the money back to buy another laptop from them. This was after they realized they didn't have the part, could not obtain it, not install it easily.

    So I got a PowerBook :)

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