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dead seagate drive from emac. Is this replacable?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by stagecustom, Oct 23, 2006.

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    alright so i pulled a drive from my dads emac which was dead (80GB) barracuda 7200.7 i went to seagates warranty page and typed in the info of it and they said it has to be replaced through the distributer of the product it came in etc. So how do i go about this? the emac is out of warranty and the drive is gone. Is there a way to get a replacement?

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    If Seagate won't take it, and Apple won't because its out of warranty, then there isn't much you can do other than buy a new one yourself. Luckily, hard drives are pretty cheap these days. You can pick up a new 80gb for $50 or less, and something like 250gb for $80.
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    If you are still under Apple warranty certainly give them a call. If not I'd still try giving Segate a call (not an email). Many HD manufacturers are good about giving replacements. Segate normally has a fantastic warranty on their drives (5 years for retail purchase). The worst they can say is no. Good luck. :)
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    okay i am confused here is what seagate told me, i am sure my dads emac is out of warranty its a 1.25ghz. so do u contact apple, cause i thought that drives had a longer warranty on them than the computers itself. also there is an apple sticker on it. it also says this drive is manufactured by Seagate for OEM distribution.
    here is what seagates site tells me:

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    If you don't have AppleCare the warranty ends at 1 year for ALL of the hardware. You could still call Apple, but I don't expect that they will help you (or worse you may have to pay for help).

    You are correct that normally HDs have a longer warranty, however this applies only to retail drive purchases and not those bundled with machines (OEM) as in your case. I have however found that HDs manufacturers are usually liberal with their policies, in spite of what you see on their website. HDs fail and they fail all the time. The best bet here is to call Segate and explain the situation. A nice customer service rep can sometimes get you a replacement dive even when you are out of warranty. Your odds will of course vary and if your drive is just over a year old you will probably have better luck. If it is close to 3 years old I would not expect too much and you'll probably need to buy a new drive. Be aware that in todays market the value of your 80GB drive is not much more than the shipping to get a replacement to you.

    In the end calling may not be worth the time and effort. This week on the East coast CompUSA has a 200GB segate drive with a 5 year warranty for $50 after rebates. :)

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