deadline for devs to submit there iPad apps so they can be ready for App Store?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by jdog82, Jan 31, 2010.

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    Has Apple announced the deadlne to submit your iPad Apps so they can be on the App Store for the iPad launch? Thanks.
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    Nope. You can't even submit iPad apps yet, because the current SDK is still in beta and it's not meant to compile apps for the AppStore.
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    I wouldn't worry too much. The major players will have iPad ready apps when Apple does it's March/April keynote. and most developers are already working on iPad apps that would be ready to go at startup.
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    You missed the point completely though. That is, no one but perhaps the really big time developers will have an iPad before it becomes available. This means that essentially no developers will be able to properly test their software until then. If Apple allows all developers to submit apps to be available when the iPad goes on sale, they will not have been properly tested and will lead to a potentially serious crop of crappy software, which is not good for Apple or consumers. Again, it's not about having enough time to develop the apps; it's about not having the proper hardware to test them with. The iPad simulator is no substitute for a real device, especially when it's a device basically no one has seen or touched in person.

    I started a thread about this issue a few days after the iPad was announced, but the only responses I got from a few developers was shockingly, "you don't really need a real device to develop with." :eek:

    There is a longer thread in the official Apple dev forums trying to figure out if we can get hardware early (not likely) or what exactly is going to happen.

    I realllly don't want to release software that has never been tested on a device and I hope Apple doesn't even give us that option.
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    then I suggest you plan on having your software as ready as possible and then get it tested as soon as the devices are available.

    Sure there is something to being first to the table, but being a month later and being the best also will likely be worthwhile.
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    The last two increments of iPhone OS have both been introduced in March.

    I wonder if OS 4 is coming next month and we'll have two Beta iPhone OS's on the go at the same time...

    My guess is they'll wait until after the iPad's out before announcing OS 4.
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    Regardless of what I personally choose to do, I think Apple will be sending the wrong message if they allow developers to submit their apps without it even being possible that the apps were properly tested.
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    You do know as a developer there are debug tools that emulate the ARM processor right?
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    As I said in my original reply the iPad Simulator is no substitute for real hardware, especially when pretty much no one has seen or touched one in person. The iPad simulator tells you absolutely nothing about the performance of the app on an actual device nor does it let you test what it is like to use the app on an actual device (i.e. with real touches rather than mouse clicks). Both of these things are essential to test.

    The simulator does NOT emulate an ARM processor; simulated apps are compiled with x86 (Intel) instructions so they run at the native speed of the computer you are developing on.
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    Well I guess you'll have to wait like the other 10,000 developers because Apple is not going to dish out a bunch of iPads to developers.

    Maybe Apple will allow them to be sold to devs a week in advance or something.
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    I would expect that Apple will simply hold off a week or two (perhaps as much as a month) before accepting any iPad applications. The reasons being that you really need to test on the physical device and not rush it in order to keep the quality up.
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    Os 4.0

    OS 4.0 will NOT be announced until next gen iPhone is announced, which is more than likely not going to deploy until early summer.

    Naturally, Apple has a huge incentive to announce both phone and software at the same time as it will translate into greater demand for next gen iPhone.

    Don't expect 4.0 any sooner.
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    This is what I am hoping they will do, but with their app count obsession you never know.
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    Yeah but let's be honest, there is no way of knowing that now.
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    I don't agree. Apple has set the precedent of announcing iPhone OS in March and hardware in June. What's so different this year?

    Software should definitely be announced first to give devs time to prepare their apps for any big changes. It also gives Apple two separate events and thus more coverage and idle speculation.
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    Most apps in the app store run just fine on a pokey old 1st gen iPhone with a 400 MHz CPU. Many of those developers did not need to buy and test on a fast new 3GS in order to submit their apps.

    In fact the opposite is true. Many apps developed on the latest new devices have problem running on customers older devices.

    If you are developing for the iPad, maybe the most important real device to get and use for development is not an iPad, but an old beat-up 1st gen iPod Touch.
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    This makes no sense. If I'm writing an app specifically targeted for an iPad, it's not going to run at all on any iPod Touch. It's going to have views and graphics that are way too large for an iPhone or iPod Touch, and if you are trying to take advantage of the iPad's obviously faster processor, then the app is going to run like crap on anything but an iPad. If my strategy for developing iPad apps was to design apps that were limited enough to run on iPod Touches or even iPhone 3GS's, I would be cheating my customers out of the experience they should be getting on an iPad.

    This also says nothing about testing the actual user experience of using the app on an iPad.

    I do use a 1st Gen iPod Touch to test my Touch/iPhone apps for the reasons you explain, but doing the same thing for iPad apps would be like an xbox 360 game developer creating a game that runs on an original Xbox to make sure it performs OK on a 360.
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    I remember that this topic came up with the Iphone before it was released

    same thing

    And I posted in a thread just like this where dev were complaining about not having an Iphone to test.
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    This is a somewhat different problem though, because 1st gen iPhones and iPod Touches had already been available for several months leading up to the first 3rd party iPhone apps being available, so while developers might not have had an iPhone 3G to test on they could still do the necessary testing on another device (like firewood suggests).

    In this case we have no equivalent hardware to test on at all.
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    Apple would not approve an iPad app before testing it themselves. And they will test it on the iPad. That can all be done before the launch, atleast for some compelling applications.

    Having said that, there are significant differences in the UI between iTouch and iPad, so it will take a couple of rounds to get the Apple approval.
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    Apple will make sure the app isn't completely broken and doesn't violate any of their rules, but they will not ensure that is performs well or is that great to use. The number of really crappy iPhone apps that have been accepted is evidence of this. Apple's approval process is no substitute for proper testing by the developer.
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    True. To solve this short term chicken-and-egg bootstrap problem, Apple may put in more than the usual effort for a good cross section of applications that come in for approval before launch. And after launch, go through another quick approval process for version 1.1 of those apps after the developers get a hold of iPads and test on the actual device. Tricky to pull off but I do not see too many options that scale well.
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    They'll probably open up the store a while after the iPad has come out so testing can be done. :D
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    Finally they let us know whats going on. The news is on macrumors so I wont link but Apple is saying submit your apps now up until March 27th. One of apple's own will test your app on a actual device and email you if its workable. Interesting....

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