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Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by MacFan26, Jul 7, 2003.

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    I know that if you don't finish by the deadline date Standford won't be able to use it for the project, so I was wondering if there was any point in helping with the project if our computer isn't fast enough to finish by the deadline?
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    Depends.... stanford can't use the results, but if your folding to be part of Mac Rumors team folding, then we still get the points towards our total to move p the rankings and fight off the knights that say ni! I'm in the same computer misses the deadline by about a month or so each time :(
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    I got a pretty large deadline for my current WU... 50 days... from about five or six ago... it's half done...

    what kinda computers you guys trying to run?
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    I'm just running a p1 200.....its all i got :( its slow as hell but at least its something. been folding since he beginning of this year and only have 7 units done
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    :) keep chuggin away! at least you try
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    just wait till i get that 9900 25 ghz in 2008...or failing that a 2 gig duelie ;) if i ever get a job...
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    Thanks for your replies :)
    I'm running a PowerBook G3, 333, so I probably won't be able to finish by my deadline either, but I'll be getting a new laptop hopefully in a month or two, so that should be helpful.
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    Im donating my DP800 to the team...

    I was going to sell it when my DP2 G5 arrives but Im gonna keep the G4 in a closet to fold :)

    Im also scouring work to find all the suitable Macs to help in the effort...

    The more the better I say...keep folding!
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    I just started folding on July 1st for the MacRumors team and so far I have contributed 17 WUs (706 points). I am using my three P4 2GHz machines. I don't have a Mac yet, but I will be getting an updated 12" PowerBook (hopefully 1GHz), and a G5 XServe when they become available.

    I see how many points I have contributed in the past week and the number of team members we have folding, and I think that our output should be much, much higher. I wish we could convice all of the team member to start up their folding clients and donate their CPU cycles to a good cause.

    Maybe a link on the main page to the folding site would help. Possibly, a folding team theme song.

    Everyone start folding!

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    /me cries.

    My production is SO SO SO SLOW compared to that with my G4 733 MHZ machine... :(

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