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Deal Extreme

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by gonads90, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Has anyone purchased anything from Deal Extreme for the ipad ?
  2. Jsn
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    Yup. I bought the Apple case-clone discussed in a thread elsewhere in this forum. Free shipping, quick delivery. The case was something like $24, so it doesn't blow anyone away, but it was as advertised. No complaints here.
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    deal extreme are great... good sales everynow and then...

    got a case. cheap and quick international delivery...
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    Deal Extreme is great. I bought an iPad case for 11$ (8€) and free shipping. The case is great. Here in germany some ebay sellers (german) sell the same case for 25$ (19€) + shipping.

    + good quality
    + very cheap price
    + fast delivery
    + nice design

    DealExtreme is my seller No.1 for cases ( DS, PSP, iPhone, camera), and equipment. But I would not buy some of these cheap batteries, or accus :p
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    I waited three weeks for a case that never shipped. The refund took more than a week.
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    Thanks for the follow ups fellas.
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    I have bought many things in DealXtreme, not only iPad related things.

    I have no problems up until now, usually it takes about 3 weeks to get here (Spain)

    I love those LED flashlights :)

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