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Deal: MacBook Air Coupon (3% off). Up to $200 Off with Rebate. [Ended]

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by arn, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. arn
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    Update: 2/8/08 6:35p EST: The 3% instant discount promo has been discontinued. The mail in rebate still applies, so $50-$100 rebates on the MacBook Air.

    1. Visit MacMall
    2. Order a MacBook Air
    3. Send in Mail in Rebates ($50-$100) depending on model.

    Still the best price available for the Air.

    MacMall is offering a MacRumors exclusive discount for the MacBook Air. Valid Feb 5 - Feb 28th only.

    1. Follow this link: MacBook Air: Rebate + 3% Discount
    2. Add a MacBook Air to your cart.
    3. 3% Instant discount should be automatically applied at checkout.

    Example Prices for discount + rebate:

    1.6GHz/80GB MacBook Air: $1794 - $50 Rebate - $53.82 (3%) Instant Discount = $1690.18 ($108.82 off MSRP)
    1.8GHz/64GB SSD MacBook Air: $3089 - $100 Rebate - $92.67 (3%) Instant Discount = $2896.33 ($201.67 off MRSP)

    Disclosure: This is an affiliate offer for us, so sales benefit MacRumors financially.

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    great deal, but i was wondering about the adc discount. is the macbook air eligible for it? im assuming probably not. better question is, will it eventually?
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    Too bad about California buyers though...they charge sales tax.
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    Valid in the UK?

    Sorry. Thought it was through Apple.
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    Yes, it is eligible for the ADC discount. The price of the base model MBA is $1619 with the ADC discount. Note quite as good as the $1599 price for a base model MBP ($400 off), but still not bad if you have a hardware credit.
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    The ADC discount is available.
    About $200, the education discount is about $200 also.
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    ADC price is $1619; educational discount price is $1699.

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    Ok so I am still kind of new to the whole Apple "ADC Membership" stuff. And I was just wondering how it works? Do you have to pay a membership fee? Stuff like that. Thanks!
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    My ADC price on my MBA 1.8 SSD with iWork installed was $2,859.00 plus local taxes and any expedited shipping fees. It was delivered around 4:09PM Arizona time today, 6 Feb, as originally planned. ;)
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    Any one have the four prices with this options on all four hardware options?

    1.6 HDD
    1.6 SSD
    18 HDD
    1.8 SSD

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    A student membership costs $99 a year. If you buy the MBA using your education discout, be $100 cheaper.
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    Student discount is as follow:

    $100 for the 1.6
    $200 for the 1.8
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    Just ordered one.
    No Tax, Rebate and Discount.
    This is really a good deal if you are willing to wait a little.
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    Does anyone have an idea as to when macmall will have the air in stock?
    I ordered one (1.6/80) on feb 6th (my first apple computer ever btw)
    They said the 8th yesterday but today they told me the 15th of february.

    Just curious what others have been told.

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    They told me the 15th.
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    I ordered mine on the 6th and I just called them and they told me it will be shipped by this weekend or monday next week.
  17. arn
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    I spoke with MacMall and they said the instant discount is combinable with the rebate.

  18. arn
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    1.6GHz/80GB HDD: $1794 - $50 Rebate - $53.82 (3%) Instant Discount = $1690.18 ($108.82 off MSRP)
    1.6GHz/64GB SSD: $2699 - $0 Rebate - $80.97 (3%) Instant Discount = $2618.03
    1.8GHz/80GB HDD: $2094 - $75 Rebate - $62.82 (3%) Instant Discount = $1956.18
    1.8GHz/64GB SSD MacBook Air: $3089 - $100 Rebate - $92.67 (3%) Instant Discount = $2896.33 ($201.67 off MRSP)
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    Is it true

    I spoke to an couple of Apple sales people at the apple store and they told me that I purchase a Mac from MacMall I would have to send it to them to get it worked on. So basically, if I took a Mac of any kind to the apple store, they would ask me to ship it to MacMall for service.

    Is this true?
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    Absolutely wrong. Apple provides the warranty, not MacMall. There have been nurerous occasions when I bought an Apple item from someone other than Apple, then had them supported by Apple (often at the Apple store).
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    How does one get the education discount on this site? I can't find a link anywhere....

    I am a student, so I could just buy direct from apple for $1699. Is there any real advantage to this macmall deal?
  23. arn
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    not really except Apple charges sales tax at time of sale.

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    who cares

    Who cares, probably just cheaper to order from amazon, and pay no tax. Can't wait for new MBP to come out though
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    Link broken?

    Is the link working for everyone else?

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