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Dealing with PC oppression

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Koree, Jun 19, 2004.

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    I go to a "special" school. Supposed to be for smart kids but... well, yeah. *cough* Anyhow we get a lot of computer talk going. And some people, well they are just obnoxious. For example, i was talking to my friend about the movie we were editing for school, and this kid (who had absoluely no relation to this conversation at all) comes up and talks about how pathetic Macs are. :rolleyes: Yeah we all know it, we all get it if any conversation outside of our little "circles" comes to the topic of computers. Just want to know how you guys deal with these. One of the teachers (mac user, takes pictures of his G5 the day he got it and shows me them the next day, and give s me spiffy panther mouse pad. :cool: ) just says lay back and enjoy the unenlightened rants. But just wondering, what do you guys do?

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    Usually I do nothing because... well... there's a few more things a life a bit more important to worry about... if they don't use a Mac... their loss (depending on what they need a computer for I suppose)... I just gave up worrying about it for a while and refuse to fix their Windows computers for them.
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    I usually say nothing and just grin when they ask me to fix their Windows for them.
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    My friend thinks Macs are crap

    He also thinks Windows is crap too, but because it is all he knows he will side with the Windows/PC :p

    I really can't be bothered to explain to him, maybe one day I will tell him that the person he has been complaining to is in fact a mac user :D

    I come home from a world of PCs to my iBook, it soon reminds me why I favor Macs :)
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    As per my experience, its really easy to kick any windows user's ass. Within 10 minutes, he would be questioning his whole existence :D . And I have told myself many times, not to indulge in any such debate, but can't resist.
    Linux zealots are a different story however. :rolleyes:
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    Just listen....


    I usually sit back and let them rave on about it and reply with 'that could be so'. I gave up trying to justify why Macs are the way they are a while back.

    Just remember when you meet people that bag Macs they are just looking for a techno fight. Unless you have a few mates that are Mac users beside you, you have little chance of proving the good points of the Macintosh system out to them.

    One thing you could do is get a Powerbook. I've had a few instances already (i've only had the Powerbook a month now) where people have bagged Macs. When they see the Powerbook their jaw just drops and then they are inquisitive regarding how you can fit all that stuff inside... :cool:

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    Well, this is the problem of only knowing one-side. I was, originally a total AMD fan/zealot you could say. The problem was, at the time (late 2002-2003), Intel has had the better processors. I couldn't accept that.

    Of course, as time passed by, I learned more and more about them--so much that I can recommend either Intel or AMD, as an experienced system builder, because I now understand the differences between them. Hell, there's a huge difference between a person who has actually BUILT a system with their own hands, and the novice who hasn't even opened his case (this is apparent in PC-to-PC talks).

    Likewise, unless the PC guy has actually touched a Mac recently, he probably has no idea what is going on. It took me a few months just to actually sit down and USE a G5 before I could put my biases away.

    Now, its gonna be up to that guy to decide if he is willing to open his eyes...if he was actually RANTING about something he doesn't even know about, I don't know if he will open them, at all -_-.
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    Why do you care what other people say about how much Macs suck? If you think Macs are better, just laugh it off.

    I'm all about equal loving, as in loving both my PCs and Macs. It's a shame how Steve's so anal about keeping Macs proprietary though. I'd love to custom build one just like my PCs.
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    lol, unlike most switchers I've never had negatives about any computer company nor did I bash them. Whenever I was in a topic that escalated into Mac vs. PC I always countered with that I've never used Macs therefore couldn't judge them. The only computer companies that I do bash is anti-virus makers. Always have always will.
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    Thanks Everyone for replying :)
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    Koree, what school do you attend? I will be attending a "special" high school in Arkansas like yours. I also purchased my first mac in preparation for the boarding school. I've been a pc fanatic for so long but I made the switch ...and I have a feeling this will happen to me to because I've been told by other students there that NO ONE has ever used a mac in the history of the school, and that everyone plays pc lan games late at night there.

    I'm guessing...Illinois, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, or Virginia, yes? (I know for a fact these states have schools like this)
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    Well I wouldn't worry about it too much. If it comes down to it, there is usually one or two helpful PC guys out of the whole bunch (the rest being obnoxious). Find those people--they can probably help you build a AMD box for < $600, but pre-high school, this money may be hard to come by (unless you have a job or saved up money).

    I mean, you are going there to learn and study rite? :)

    Its up to you whether you're gonna game or not--and I have a feeling they're probably the staple FPS shooters. NOW, if it ISN'T CS, and is UT2k series, than the Mac/PC issue becomes less of a problem, I think. And if it is Warcraft series, again, there is no problem.
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    I'm going to be honest with you. You would be better off with a PC gaming box + your Mac, IF you are going to be serious about gaming. That, are you go in with your 2.5, but be sure you have the right expectations. If you know they are going to be playing CS, then the blunt truth is that a PC is going to play it much, much better. And I've yet to hear a success story on Virtual PC with modern games...and I don't think Virtual PC is out for the G5 yet either -_-.
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    Yeah...i thinking about changing my mac to a dual 1.8 the getting a cheap pc... we'll see....

    i'll most likely stay with the 2.5 cuz i shouldn't lose focus.....and while they're playing their pcs, i'll be studying with the girls :D

    hmm, or maybe a dual 1.8 plus an ibook.... eh whatever
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    just ignore them, and do your thing with you mac. once in a while if they really tick me off i just show them just how stable a mac is by doing multiple things that would grind most pcs to a halt
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    I show them my 17" Powerbook, they shut up real fast.
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    Les Kern

    They use Craftsman, I use SnapOn. They have a Ford, I have a Chevy. I used to be a frothing-at-the-mouth Mac lunatic, but no more. I spend no time debating anymore. It's just a tool, and life is too short to argue about a socket wrench. I do, however, defend my position if the other person is relentless, and MATURE. Ranting with know-nothing's is not going to happen. My good friend is a PC fan, and Linux too. We have GREAT conversations on what our respective units can do, and when it's over, we don't care what the other uses, and continue our good friendship.
    Don't go down the bottomless pit with a fanatic, because all fanatics are troubled souls.
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    yea, when people start bashing a mac at my school.... I just show them my 17" pb. Then they're like "well, o" :cool: It's pretty funny. or "well the other ones suck."
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    oh, how i wish i can do that. u think they'll shut up with a 15" ? :cool:

    apparently, the univ i'm going to is supposedly 50/50 mac/pc, but the recommended computers are PCs - especially for my major - engineering. i wonder how it'll be down there.
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    i've gotten quite cynical about the subject. every time someone asks me what is wrong with his/her pc, I just say "I don't know.. it will be fixed by getting a mac". I know it's not working, but I don't even bother thinking about PC problems since people are stupid enough to put their money on them. you pay for the product and you pay for the consecuenses. pay a bit more and there won't be any consecuenses.
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    good approach and well said

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