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December 2, 1996: Steve Pitches NeXT

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 2, 2006.

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    And here we are!

    Mac OS X :)
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    Yes, we who love OS X owe a big debt to NeXT. Wonder if he'll ever revive NeXT (ya right)
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    Maybe if the whole "i" thing gets boring, maybe Steve could use the NeXT thing:


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    Good stuff! :)
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    Quoted for truth. :D
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    First, NeXT Computer stopped existing when NeXT stopped selling hardware some three years earlier... in 1996 NeXT was called NeXT Software.

    And things at NeXT were actually on an up swing in 1996. Their enterprise software was very popular, they were on the verge of handing off their OS customers to Sun who had spend the previous year creating a NEXTSTEP like environment for Solaris and the previous three years creating the OpenStep Specifications. The fact that NeXT was doing as well as it was was why Sun wasn't able to buy them. NeXT wasn't for sale in 1996, not until Jobs saw an opportunity to return to Apple.

    Most people think the only thing Apple got from NeXT was Mac OS X... Apple started making money with NeXT products as soon as NeXT was acquired. And Apple continued to sell OPENSTEP, OPENSTEP Enterprise and WebObjects from what used to be NeXT Software (renamed Apple Enterprise) until around 2000.

    Apple's page for NeXT Software products
    just before it was retired after 2001.

    I know it makes a better story to think things at NeXT were falling apart before Apple, but the fact of the matter is that things were looking better for NeXT than at just about any point in their history. They had finally found their stride.

    What was sad was that NeXT was going to drop OPENSTEP as soon as Sun got OpenStep Solaris up and running. If Apple hadn't acquired NeXT, OPENSTEP would have died off.
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    Dear RacerX, thanks once again for this kind of information.

    Whenever I hear NeXT, or OPENSTEP, I think of your knowledge.

    IMHO NeXT, and thus everything connected to NeXT, is so significant for the "new" Apple (post y2K, iMac, Mac OS X, Jobs reign 2) that we should know more about it.
    Stuff like this is so important in Apple's history (the Apple we now know and love:.... i.e. iPod, iLife, Mac OS X, x86) that we should be more aware of these facts.
    The struggling Apple of the mid 90-ies as a company is far less significant to what we now as the most most reliable and arguably most innovative IT company in the world. Without Mac OS X it simply was impossible.
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    The iMac is why I came back. But OS X is why I stayed. And the iPod, well that was just cool. :D

    Yes, thx for the info mysterious masked driver, known only as RacerX, who is secretly Speed's older Brother Rex in disguise (I watch too many late night cartoons). :eek:

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