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December Desktops

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by gusious, Nov 30, 2008.

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    December is here!! Begin!!:D
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    OK here is mine for december! If anyone wants this, please PM me. I didn't get this off the web. I got it from a friend


    Added link - If anyone wants this background


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    Had this last month, but I love it!
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    Is it december?
    Holy hell!

    No link pic is mine. Want it, buy me a beer.

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    Hey jessica is that the life puppy cam?
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    My desktop going into December, until I get bored of it. :eek:

    10.4.8 is for trying out on a notebook. :cool:

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    Did you make this yourself?
    Long exposure maybe?

    Looks great
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    If you want the image, it's somewhere on InterfaceLift, or I can email it to you.
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    Today's edition of the desktop picture:

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    Decided to change mine:

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    I LOVE THE LIVE PUPPY CAM! it's my start up site, it makes me happy every day
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    Here's mine!
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    Arg, I wish I could successfully get those dock icons to work for me. :(
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    Mine! Discovered Snackr

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    Sure is!
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    Here's mine at the moment. From a recent trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Lots of lions that were playing around.

    Link to original photo

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    No, I wish there was that much snow here though. I found it at deviantart browsing through the wallpaper section.
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    My Ubuntu desktop

    Edit: Upload keeps failing. I'll re-up when I get the chance.
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