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deck of "weasel" cards advertised on mac rumors

Discussion in 'Community' started by QCassidy352, May 15, 2003.

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    not sure if this belongs here or political... mod, please move if it should be political.

    On some macrumors pages there is an ad banner from newsmax.com for a "deck of weasels," playing cards featuring "enemies of america." This includes people such as Jimmy Carter, George Clooney, Hans Blix, Ted Kennedy, and Michael Moore. These people are depicted as "opposing America" and shown wearing Iraqi Republican Guard berets.

    I realize that macrumors needs ad money, but I find this extremely distasteful. Yes, I personally disagree with both the form and concept of these cards, but I would hardly be pleased if cards mocking G.W., Rumsfeld, and Ashcroft were advertised here.

    This is a *mac* site. There's a political forum, but I would rather not be assaulted with inflamatory propaganda when I enter non-political pages. Ads for online retailers, mac products, and even neutral products don't bother me. I love this site and certainly don't want it to go bankrupt. But it really bothers me that political propaganda, especially mindless and tasteless propaganda, is being shoved on us all. Is there no one else who will buy that ad space??

    Arn, I hope you can/ will do something about this. Everyone else, I hope you will make it known how you feel about this.
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    i feel offended. i like and respect the beliefs of people like susan sarandon and her husband tim robbins, michael moore and those other people pictured on those cards. To see that someone would actually do something like this is unbelievable. It was bad enough when the US government started giving out decks of cards with the most wanted people on them.
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    Like the anti France thing - whatever... Yeah, I'm gonna start drinking cheap wine! Are we all 5 years old??? Jeeeeeezzzzz... Very distasteful... Boy, politics are a whole other can of worms that I'm trying to avoid - I might get into some REAL trouble!':D'
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    money is money, and its hard to refuse it when its just posting an internet picture. i have never seen this picture in my ilfe. if you dont like it then just let it be, ignore it or something. but there is no point asking him to lose money over what you think is distastful. maybe its a misunderstanding. i remember spymac had microsoft ads on there site and they said they couldnt control what ads are on there.

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    if i was in arn's shoes though, I would think twice, even though it is pretty hard to resist. However, the ad is pretty offensive to those who oppose anything that the US government does. I am ignoring it, but it's pretty hard.
    Microsoft ads are different. This is a somewhat computer-oriented forum and Microsoft is a software company. This is not some political discussions forum where it would be appropriate to have an ad like this. That is what makes it different.
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    i dont care about microsoft ads, that wasnt the point i was making. i saw some on spymac and i thought it was odd. i asked the admin why he would put those these and he said they couldnt control what ads go on there, something to do with the company who hosts it or something. but it was not microsfot bashing, it was a point i was making

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    yeah now i get it. however it seems as though arn does have some control over what ads appear, since all of the ads i've seen (until the weasel ad) were in some way or another related to Apple.
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    i've seen some other non-apple related ads...
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    I think large ad services such as the one that Macrumors uses (does MR use one?) should have an option when you sign up to filter any politically biased ads from appearing on your site. Of course, this would make the ad business less profitable, since companies such as the one advertising here would probably get blocked from appearing on a lot of sites.

    On a side note, I've never seen this ad myself.

    EDIT: Found a link to these things. Buy them now and you can get a U.S.S. George Bush cap FREE! :rolleyes:

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    Re: deck of "weasel" cards advertised on mac rumors

    I completly agree with you. Arn, please do something about this tasteless and hateful ad.

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    How many anti-Bush, anti-US jabs do we read in the forums here, and you people are up in arms about some silly cards! Grow some skin, please!
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    I don't want this to sound like a personal attack here, but...

    You missed the point. We're complaining about having the ad there in the first place, not about the cards themselves. While people can think whatever they want about the people in those cards, a board such as this should in no way condone those kind of things on either side of a political argument.

    And I'm not even going to begin to comment on "anti-U.S. jabs". :rolleyes:
  13. arn
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    Re: deck of "weasel" cards advertised on mac rumors

    Well, I have two thoughts on this...

    On the one hand.... if anyone finds any particular ad offensive or distasteful... certainly email or pm me about it. I can filter ads and shut out certain ads. I try to filter out adult, casino, and "extreme animation" ads.... but mostly it's as I see them. Blocking out a specific ad is a bit of a pain, as I have to search through a list and on a preliminary look, I couldn't find this offending ad.

    Now... on the other hand, another side if me thinks - there is a $20 option for you to shut all ads out. And you can do so easily. And, remember, this site is running on two dedicated servers.... total cost is almost $700/month. The money has to come from somewhere... if not the users, then it's ad companies.

    Just keep that in mind... but as I said... I'll try to block this particular ad... if I can find it. :) Send me a screenshot if you run across it.

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    It's not the same thing. These ads may to some people be an endorsement of the product(s). I have not seen the ad, so I can't really give an opinion on them.

    Anti-Bush, anti-US comments are whooly owned by the people who posted them. Big deifference.
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    i agree completly arn. that is a s*** load of money and like he said, its gotta come from somewhere. You can support the site by two ways, dont complain about the ad and let him post it for money, or pay 20 bucks and you dont have to see the ads. and like i said before, i ahve never seen this ad before in my life on this site.

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    I especially love the "you people" part of this reply.....
  17. arn
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    heh,... I didin't say it quite like that. I am happy to block anything particularly offensive/distasteful... just be aware that ads support the site

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    sorry, didnt tend to make it sounds like that. anyways, you said like me you havent seen the ad. do you not see the ads or anything, exactly how does it work?

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    For those in curiousity, here is the place in question: http://www.newsmax.com/weasels/178.shtml

    As for those that dont like the cards, whats the deal? 1st, giving flack to Bush is fine, and hes a "dumb idiot", but when your views come under fire its extremely distasteful, and should be screened. Besides, judging most people have montiors at a lower resolution then mine (1280x1024) its a bit of scroll, and volia! the ads hidden under your plesant bookmarks. I personally found the deck sightly humorous. I think thats the problem with society today. Everyone is so up tight and one somewhat offhand comment in their direction, and its "OMG ONO YOU OFFEND ME I SUE YOU" methodology. Point is, if you dont like the banner, dont click the darn thing, who knows, someone may find it humorous.
  20. arn
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    Ads are sold directly... those I handle personally... so I see all those ads.

    Other ads are part of an "ad network" -- companies buy ads with the ad networks and distribute them across sites that are part of the network. I don't personally review each of these ads.

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    Re: Re: deck of "weasel" cards advertised on mac rumors

    LMAO arn your the best. O hey is there a way I can donate and not get Demi-status?
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    Re: Re: deck of "weasel" cards advertised on mac rumors

    Thank you very much for such an understanding response. :)

    As I said in the original post, I know that macrumors costs quite a bit to maintain, and I don't think anyone expects that money to come out of arn's own pocket. But, I disagree with iJon that paying the money or shutting up are the only appropriate answers here. I don't get rid of the ads because I actually *like* many of the ads here, such as for redlightrunner. I've even found some really cool sites thanks to macrumors ads. In general, the ads here enhance my experience, hard as that may be to believe.

    Given those points, I don't think it's unreasonable to object to some ads in particular. As Arn said, he does screen some ads such as adult or casino ads. Clearly this site is not at the point where it must accept money from any sleezeball who wants to advertise.

    Am I demanding anything? Am I making accusations? No, not at all. I am just registering my opinion that this ad, and this form of ad, is distasteful and detracts from my experience here. I don't see how you can object to that iJon.

    And Foxer, this really isn't about particular political positions. I would object to an ad by the website that sell "Bush: international terrorist" t-shirts as well.

    again, thanks for your understanding arn.

    edit: jimong5, you missed the point. Stop making this about a particular point of view. It's about a tasteless and offensive political ad, and the same could be said regardless of who the target of the ad was. Certainly no one is talking about lawsuits. Where are you getting this stuff?
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    Re: Re: Re: deck of "weasel" cards advertised on mac rumors

    sorry, i guess i was hoping into that political mode that the whole site is trying to avoid. i guess i felt it was dumb because "I" dont see a big deal in it, i understand your feelings andi respect them, sorry if i made you mad.

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: deck of "weasel" cards advertised on mac rumors

    hey, no problem, I'm not at all mad. :) I just wanted to make sure that everyone understood my original objection, and also that it was a personal opinion, not any kind of attack or demand of any kind. I can surely see why some people would not see it as a big deal, but I just started the thread to post my opinion and to see if others agreed.
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    OK, without getting into the real subject here, what exactly was bad about the Baath most wanted cards? Did that offend someone? They were to help the troops -- who by the way, had a job to do over there -- identify the people they were looking for. I don't see the problem.
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