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decksnap - "Break Down, Baby"

Discussion in '3,000,000 Post Contest' started by decksnap, Oct 18, 2006.

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    I'm calling this 'Break Down, Baby'. It's just a little Expose orchestration. Music by DJ Shadow. Enjoy!
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    Cool stuff -- look at how smoothly that OS runs ...
  4. Lau

    I like the idea, nice one. Having the windows with the letters come together like that was a really nice touch.
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    Very cool...simple, yet effective.
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    right on- very simple, especially if you're familiar with Expose - but to folks who have never seen it- this looks like high tech insanity! Nice to see something clever that capitalizes on a very cool and simple feature!
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    NICE was thinking about doing something like this myself, i guess you beat me to it ;). Some things I'd change:

    1. Un-Clutter your desktop
    2. Use more Apple branded applications, Garageband, All the iLife Apps etc., you know... keep it strictly Apple. (use some Pro applications perhaps? if you have them)
    3. in Safari, use the Apple website.
    4. Take some icons out of your Dock, make it less cluttered.

    By FAR the best i've seen so far!
  8. hob
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    Exactly the kind of advert I think Apple should put out, along with the current lot: have two sets of audiences, the "entertainment" Mac vs. PC ones against the "informative" OS X Demo ones...
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    How do you capture screenshots like that? Obviously not with a camera and tripod :D

    How did you do the letters across the screen, right at the end?

    Last one: the movie looks like continuous motion, but presumably it's many Expose calls edited together?

    Sorry for the stupid questions, but I'm interested.
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    Thanks for the feedback.. I really just did it for fun. Probably not going to redo it. Bonus points if you name the DVD playing...
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    It's just one single recording. If you're already in 'show all windows in current app' mode, you can toggle through the apps with Apple+`.

    The letters are done by using expose on a set of windows that are all exactly the same size, and stacked in exactly the right order.
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    Thanks for sharing, decksnap.
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    DJ shadow- Good stuff :)
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    Not bad. Might make a nice commercial to demonstrate the power of OS X. If you could show the major features OS X (Spotlight, Exposé, etc.) in a 30 second commercial, it might work....or maybe show two desktops, one with OS X and one with Windows, and have them doing the samething but in their own way. Like looking at all opens windows with Exposé or doing a quick search with Spotlight, and while that's being done Windows is doing the samething in it's own way :D

    Well done, but as Xander562 said, just needs a little fine-tuning :)
  15. hob
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    Or tab, if you'd rather! ;)
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