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Deep sleep mode in MBA 2012

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by darthpotato94, Jun 26, 2012.

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    I noticed that when my macbook air 2012 wakes up from sleep mode under a certain amount of time - 1 hour I guess - it wakes up almost instantaneously, perhaps 1 second. But after 1 hour, when I wake up, I can see the cursor appear first and then it takes about another second for the computer to wake up. Is this a normal phenomenon that you guys might have experienced?
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    So two seconds instead of one? Sounds like a phenomenon to me! :rolleyes:
  3. theSeb, Jun 26, 2012
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    I would definitely return it.

    It's probably due to the inferior LG panel and the screen does not get refreshed quickly enough.

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    Yeah this happens to me too....but usually I notice this when it wakes from sleep while only on battery power. If you leave it plugged in then it is ready instantly.
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    It goes into deep sleep. That's what helps it stay powered up even after being asleep for 30 days. Note that the wakes from deep sleep are a LOT quicker in the 2012s than they were in the 2011s. Last year's models would often take 6-10 seconds to wake up. Lots of threads were started here, and at Apple's forums about it. It appears someone at Apple paid attention and fixed it. I have noticed that if I unplug my MacBook Air, overnight it loses very little power, but still wakes up in about 2 seconds.

    Anyway, Mountain Lion will add a feature that periodically "wakes" the MacBook Air from deep sleep to check e-mails, install updates, etc. so there will be tweaks in the future.
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    I can't remember if the keynote said this would be available on the 2011 MBA or just the 2012 MBA and rMBP? Do you know?
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    Any model that came from factory with an SSD, I think. So pretty much every MBA since the second generation.
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    u r joking right? besides i have a samsung display.

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