Deleting apps if you've gone past 11 pages of apps ?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by scott99, Jan 12, 2010.

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    Hi ladies and gents. Just a quick question. If you have filled your 11 pages, in fact, say if you have over 200 to 250 apps, is there a way to delete them if they aren't on your 11 pages of apps ? Meaning, the apps you have to search for, can they be deleted ?
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    Of course!

    Go into iTunes and either uncheck them or delete them from your Applications tab. Afterwards hit the Sync button.


    App du jour gone!

    You can also delete them from your iPhone directly. Just hold one of the icons for a few seconds and they'll start to shake with an "X" - click "X" and you're done!
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    Other than what is already posted as a solution for you, there is one more:

    See post #7 of that thread. I've never verified this, but the poster and others stated that you could actually increase the number of viewable pages to any number desired (as long as space was available on the flash drive).
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    If you need more than 11 pages of apps, you've got bigger problems. Perhaps its a good time to find a drug habit.
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    Yeah, drugs are probably cheaper, lol.
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    Or, you have 4 people with various ages sharing 1 device.

    Because really, a 41yo, a 13yo, 10yo and 5yo do NOT like the same stuff.....

    I have an entire page of math drill and flashcard stuff... they can pick what they want to do, but they all like different stuff.
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    I should have clarified my question further, I meant delete it on the iphone (without syncing).
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    Hey, the OP has more than 11 pages not me. :) Anyway, it's a solution for him. I have 109 apps and they're all free.
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    Touch app icon and hold until it wiggles. Touch black "x" and voila!
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    This doesn't work for Apps on the "extra" pages that only show up in iTunes. You can't get rid of them on the device.
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    So, you're left with the link I gave you.
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    Then , as a previous poster stated, Sync and uncheck the apps you don't want on the device, and ther resynch. You keep the Apps in iTunes, and can choose to move theme on and off your device.
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    I know how to do it - but the OP stated he was looking for a solution to not use the sync.

    I haven't had a chance to read the link posted - i posted while on hold with Amazon for 30 minutes while they argued with UPS to deliver my new Touch today instead of tomorrow.
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    I can't get it to work - but it's dark out, and i should never try stuff like this when the sun is down! LOL!!

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