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Deleting movies QuickTime Player 7.6?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by peewee12345, Jun 1, 2010.

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    I have googled extensively, but cannot even Find the movies in the Finder; but I'm little more than a newbie!
    Safari 4.0.5

    How to delete movies with wmv?

    Edit Why does it seem so difficult to even Google this simple action?
    This is a free version of QuickTime Player.
    Is QuickTime somehow not a part of the Hard Drive??? 0_0

    Thank you
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    You could use Spotlight (CMD+SPACEBAR) to find .wmv files and then delete them.

    Btw, what does the QuickTime Player have to do with those .wmv files? It might be able to play them back, but it does not manage any video.
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    It is not working out- I can't delete!!
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    So you have found those .wmv files?

    Can you post more details on them, like size, where they are located and such?

    Maybe make a screen shot of the Get Info window (CMD+I) and attach it here.
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    Cannot locate the files on HD nor spotlight!!

    How many possibilities are involved with quicktime player and wmv files?

    What explains the preview being in quicktime player, but not on HD?

    Some of the files are visible but others are not!

    Is this set up so I have to purchase quicktime player?

    Thank you
    Lost in cyberspace !
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    QuickTime Player frustrating

    Can anyone else offer suggestions please?

    I actually spent $32.65 to upgrade QuickTime, to no avail.

    I have searched and searched on google.

    Can anyone pleease offer a bit of an overview about QuickTime Player?

    Thank you

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