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Discussion in 'Daily Tunes Site Discussion and Feedback' started by Jetson, Jun 23, 2004.

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    I made a couple of requests over the past couple of days to delete songs that I submitted to this data base. Those songs had zero recommendations and I no longer cared for the song. So far those delete requests seem to have been ignored.

    When DailyTunes first came online I asked whether we could get songs deleted and I was given a rather non-commital answer. I suppose that I now have my answer and it appears to be no.

    When it comes to data such as personal song recommendations, I feel that the user should have some say in how that data is used, especially when one's name/handle is associated with it. People change their tastes over time and I should be able to remove items that I no longer recommend. Instead, as with so many data bases in this day and age, that data seems to have become the "property" of someone else.
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    I always assumed that when I posted to a public forum, that my comments were public. Seems reasonable.

    Lee Tom
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    While it is reasonable to wish to change your posting, I believe you overstep yourself by villifying the moderators for not taking care of your request. They probably have more in their lives than just catering to personal whims. Besides, if in the end you can' t change it, either post a contradictory message to advise against the song, or use it as a learning experience and don't post before you are sure of yourself.
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    I haven't villified anyone here.

    Clearly you have read more into my post than what I actually said.

    Also, the moderators have done an excellent job "catering" to our "whims" in the past. That's what they do.

    All I ask is to be able to have my songs that have zero recommendations deleted. Physically deleted, not logically deleted or simply hidden from my handle.

    That seems like a very reasonable request to me.
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    If the moderators have done a good job at fulfilling requests in the past, they will probably continue to do so. It may just be that they are swamped with work, on vacation, or any other number of things.
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    you haven't been ignored

    I sent you a PM a few days ago about this, wondering why you'd want a song completely removed.
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    Mudbug, thanks for responding! :)

    I've never had any communication with anyone here other than through the forums, so I didn't look to see your private message. Yours is the only one I've ever received.

    As a matter of fact there is NO notification of private messages in DailyTunes, so there is no way I would have seen it or even thought to look for it elsewhere.

    I expected that the song would be simply deleted as requested.
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    Request to Delete Songs

    When you first launched this DailyTunes website, I asked Arn if we would be able to get songs that we no longer recommended deleted. He replied that he might implement a way to remove songs that have no recommendations. Upon hearing that, I have submitted many, many songs.

    Well, months later, there are several songs which I no longer recommend and they have zero recommendations or just mine (at this point). Music is like fashion and people, being human, change their minds. Since my handle/name is attached to and displayed by the songs I submitted, I think it is reasonable to allow me to remove that song. If for some reason the good people at DailyTunes feel that they can't bear to delete any songs, at least consider removing my handle from the song so that I am no longer associated with it.

    Come on guys, DailyTunes is supposed to be fun - it's not some crusty old institution.

    I am asking that you delete those songs without recommendations upon request of the original submitter. I started with 1 song to see what would happen and frankly I didn't think it would take this much effort to persuade someone to do it.
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    sorry - you were reading waaaaay too much into this...
    I just didn't understand why you'd recommend a song in the first place, then change your mind later on. I'll delete the entry... (although I must admit I'm still a bit confused by it)
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    Thanks to whoever deleted the 2nd song that I requested. The 1st song has still not yet been deleted however. :confused:
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    I thought I got them all (there were a few) - which did I miss?
  12. Ugg
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    Music preferences are something that come and go, but at the time you posted your recommendation, you did like it. Personally, I think the post should stay simply because so much of music likes and dislikes are transitory in nature. It would be nice to edit the post and say you no longer like it, but I hardly see the point in deleting the post. Just my 2cents....
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    it's a post on a song on a's not that big of a deal...
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    Sometimes People Change Their Minds

    I'm very happy that the people running DailyTunes have agreed to delete songs for the person that originally posted the songs. Thank you arn and mudbug! :)

    I am quite dismayed however, at the flak I've gotten from people who just can't understand: 1) why I would change my mind about a song and, 2) why I would want to delete a song. Is this symptomatic of a society of control freaks that think if THEY can't conceive of a reason for doing something then that something must not be allowed? I'm reminded of Al Gore's recent remark about "digital brownshirts".

    Let me give an example. If you notified the credit bureaus that your credit report contained false, derogatory information would you prefer that the credit bureaus merely place a disclaimer beside that false information? Of course not! You would want that derogatory information deleted, never to be found again. Why? Because you know that prospective lenders, landlords and employers reading that derogatory information will still be influenced by it, even if there is a disclaimer.

    Well, a song posted in the DailyTunes data base is nowhere near as important an issue but the principle is the same.

    While I congratulate DailyTunes for striking a note of freedom, there are countless other data bases out there which contain your digital footprint and you have no way, short of an act of Congress, to get that data deleted. The internet is still a very new aspect of our society and I think it is important that we proceed carefully and err toward the needs of people. Perhaps this episode serves as a cautionary tale for those who choose "the system" over freedom.

    (Jetson steps down from his soapbox).
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    Dude, people change their minds all the time and there is nothing wrong with that. As I mentioned, I think it would be a good idea to allow posts to be edited with the reason why you no longer recommend the song. IMMHO, that would be much more valuable to others who might be considering the song than simply deleting the post.

    If you had written to a magazine about your preference and they published it and later you changed your mind, would you expect them to ask everyone who bought the magazine to tear up your article? Do you tear up all old photos that you decide you don't like?

    I'm not attacking you, nor am I deriding your choice. I also don't think that you comparison to Credit reporting is reasonable. Credit history is not opinion but fact. I think this discussion does point out all that is wonderful as well as all that is scary about the transitory and editable nature of the internet.

    So, in the interest of fairness, why did you change your mind and why is it so important that your post be deleted? Also, I have a lot of cds from the early 80s that I would be embarrassed to admit to owning. My purchase of them was a de facto endorsement of them AT THE TIME I purchased them, I may no longer recommend them but that doesn't mean that my opinion of them at that time wasn't valid.
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    I guess I'll be the one to say it.

    Honestly, I'm just curious what the songs are. :cool:

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