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Delicious Library and iSight

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by zelmo, Feb 7, 2005.

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    I finally picked up an iSight this weekend, primarily to use as a bar code scanner for Delicious Library. I just wasn't making time for the daunting task of cataloging my DVD's, CD's, books, and video games by typing in bar codes or titles.
    If you have a substantial enough collection of any of these items to make Delicious Library an attractive purchase, and you aren't using a camera of some type to capture bar codes, run out now and buy one. It is ridiculously easy to set up and use, and faster to input items by a factor of 10 at least.
  2. jsw
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    Sure... and did you pick up the 60GB 'pod "primarily to use as a backup device for your library"? ;)

    Sounds like a nice app, and it's been getting a lot of good press. I might need to check it out.
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    No, but I did manage to somehow refrain from picking up a 1GB Shuffle - they were putting them out as a stood at the counter with the iSight.
    If you have a decent collection of anny combo of CD/DVD/book/video games, and you like having them cataloged, Delicious Library is made for you.

    As for the iSight, I'll have to keep it away from my 16 year old daughter. My God, the possibilities are simply nightmare-inducing!!

    **goes and looks for shotgun, just in case**
  4. emw
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    Just took a look at the software and am downloading it right now to check it out in demo mode. I am looking forward to cataloging a number of videos, books, etc., as well as having a way to share said resources with family and friends.
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    This is definetly one piece of software I would like Apple to put into iLife. Monster stuff at present only uses Amazon and is pretty flakey for international support and more obscure material - which is the reason I have held back getting it.
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    from what i've heard 1.5 will address a few of these issues. they tried getting info from imdb but they license it out all weird and blah blah blah.. check out their blog (VERY bottom of the front page they have a link in small letters) for more details

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