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Delicious Library

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 16, 2006.

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    Category: Reviews
    Link: Delicious Library
    Description:: An extensive review of Delicious Library 3 (with screen shots)

    Posted on MacBytes.com
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    Is that not version 2 (current version is 1.6.1)?

    Anyway I can't see any reference to the version number in the "review", no new features are discussed or show in the screenshots (at least as far as I can tell versus the version I have at home). The screenshots are small and you can't click on them for full size versions.

    Not even worth clicking on the link :(
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    I wouldn't say that.

    Anyway, I use booxter. I tried DL, but it's interface was too slow, and it cost a lot more (15 vs 40). Booxter does a great job, with a very simple (but classy, IMHO) interface. It has the same optical scanning via attached camera and whatnot...
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    From the looks of things, that's just the current version. Nothing seems different than the one I have installed on my computer at home.
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    Delicious Library needs an "export to webpage" feature. Heck the PC ripoff even does this.

    I know there are a couple free programs that do this but they create huge pages (I have 1,000 plus DVDs) and aren't realistic at all for others to load, let alone for me to host.

    so c'mon guys, add the webpage option!
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    I am Mickey, the author of the hated article. Let me clarify; the version I reviewed is the current one 1.6.1, unfortunately I was not able to obtain a pre-release of the next version. Second of all, you can open up the pictures in a bigger page, and if not, I can easily make it so. I am sorry you did not enjoy this article but I hope you read my featured article at www.worldofapple.com
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    aww, it wasn't hated. only by one person. and hey, this is MR - there's always at least one person who hates something no matter what it is.

    it was a good article (I thought), but I do prefer booxter.
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    Thanks, I enjoy people who read and like my work, even if they don't agree with the point stated. If you want more articles, I write twice a week and it is featured in the featured articles of www.worldofapple.com. Thanks for your support!
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    just a question for you.

    booxter is only for books correct?

    only wondering, as i would want and need to add in games and cds.
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    Can I ask what the purpose of this stupid application is?

    Why would you want a catalog of your books, DVD's etc? Why not just look? :confused:

    Enlighten me.
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    well i dont need it so much for the cds...

    but i like a log of my DVDs/Books/Games because i lend them out, and its integrated with your address book so you can keep track of who has what.
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    It is an app that is fun to play with, more of a commodity than anything. If you have a lot of books and don't want to buy the same one again it is useful. Also if you are a library or lend books often it is good to keep track of. Also if you want to know books related to the topic you can use the similar button. It is more fun to play with than anything else.
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    OK I get it now.

    I have no use for this application, carry on. :D
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    I'm glad that I could clear things up.
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    just books, though I haven't checked for any updates recently...
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    I might look at it: for someone like me who can't keep track of which titles thay have read... I'm always taking books out of the library in some of my favorite series' (English detective fiction, mostly) and finding out I have already read it.

    I;d like an application that allowed me to tick off that I read it, and perhaps add a brief plot synopsis and publication date, so I can keep reading them in series order ("was that before or after the divorce. Or the one after he got shot in the... ") . Heck, I would like a CDDB for books. Title, Author, Main characters, plot synopsis and date, that would be cool.

    (Does this officially make me a nerd... or a geek? I dunno, a nerd if I want it, a geek if I go ahead and program it I guess)
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    if you take my family, we've got several hundred books. my wife may buy some w/o mentioning it, or we can simply forget that there's one tucked in there that we didn't realize we had. We've bought the same book twice more than once... but more importantly for us, having a collection this size, is people borrow books all the time (which is no problem, it's part of why we started to keep this many to begin with) - but it's a pain in the butt when you're looking for *that* book, and can't remember if/who/when you loaned it out...

    So yeah. People with lots and lots of books, and lots of freeloaders who like to borrow them ;)
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    I believe that Wil Shipley (the main author) said that this was coming in 2.0 during a cocoa radion (podcast) interview.
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    so do a lot of people use this program? i downloaded a the trial today, and it seems pretty cool so far. i dont know if it's worth $40 though.

    so basically, all you do is create your own library of all of your games, books, cds, and movies, and it keeps track of who borrows them, and that's it? that's all it does for $40?
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    I have used the trial and it is really great. My roommate and I have many many DVDs and CDs so it works well. But I just can't bring myself to spend $40 on it. I don't know why, I love this program. Maybe it is just that I am a poor college student.

    So, is there a free alternative? (other than booxter)
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    yeah, i can't spend $40 on it either (i'm also a poor college student). but i do like it so far, but it's not really relavent
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    My favourite feature is the way it keeps track of the current Amazon marketplace value of your items, making it easy to see if any of your old books are really rare or valuable.

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