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Dell DJ Compatible?? Dell hung up on me,do you know?

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by gemio17, Dec 3, 2003.

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    Hey sorry to be littering this site with Dell questions, but it's for my bro. I tried to get Dell to answer this but they hung up on me....hmm...perhaps they can sense that I am a Mac person. Anyway I was wondering if anyone knew if the Dell DJ is at all compatible with Mac?? My bro uses a PC right now but if he bought his own computer it would be a Mac (he's been trained well). My mom wants to get him a mp3 player and I can't convince her to get the iPOD :( (she found a deal for a DJ that's way cheaper than iPod and isn't budging, I need more factual proof that iPod is the way to go) Hence the compatibility question....Help me help him, Please!!
    *Dell bashers need not respond- I don't like 'em either. I know everything that is wonderful about iPod and it's cross platform capabilities, I have one- I just need the Dell DJ facts!*
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    don't quote me on this, but i believe the dell dj is only pc compatible. there may be a hack out there, but i couldn't find it in the 2 seconds i looked.

    also note the dj doesn't play AAC (not sure if this is a problem for you ... since i don't use AAC). the dj is also usb 2 and not firewire ... but again this may not be a problem for you if the pc already has usb 2.

    for more info, check the tech specs on the dell site (link).
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    Yeah, it's only pc compatible, I found that out on a dell forum page in the administrators faq-dell had it nowhere on their site, even the nice guy I called at Apple was nice enough to try to help me out and couldn't find it either...we decided it was probably intentionally written that way..oh well..it would be nice for apple to come out with a lower end affordable 5gb iPod for all the non gadget freaks out there so they wouldn't have to resort to cheaper, uglier products!!
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    Re: Dell DJ Compatible?? Dell hung up on me,do you know?

    You should call back and complain about him. Even if the answer is no his response was very unprofessional.
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    I agrre with seafox it was very unproffesional but maybe there supposed to hang up on us or something i dont know. but yeh its at this point only PC compaitble but keep arguing with your mother you'll win eventually:D .... Its a tough argument because she can get such a great dell on the DJ. As for factual proof, number one its the original and is proven to be the BEST!! thats out there, but in reality since soo few people have experience with the DJ it'll be tough to find strong pros and cons. And of course if your brother wants to switch platforms eventually but try to find a nice deal on the ipod and keep fighting.
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    Did you ask them if it was VirtualPC Compatable? :D
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    Huh, well that was very rude and unprofessional for him to hang up on you. That kind of incident would stave me from ever buying their products.
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    4 years man. I think you misunderstood the use of the Search Feature :D
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