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Dell dude stays.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by peter2002, Oct 16, 2002.

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    Just watched Celebrity Justice on TV. No link yet. Dell dude is staying. He isn't getting deleted like some wish. More irritatiing ads to come.

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    Re: Dell dude stays.

    Does this mean I have to change my signature.:mad:
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    I saw him this morning. Yuck. I really... I dunno... I really wanna do something, like poke him in the eyes or something.
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    Hey Kethoticus, I'm all for free speach, but your signature is inflamatory.
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    If you can prove to me that the statement is incorrect, or give me some other reason why it will cause greater harm than good to leave it there, I'll be happy to change it.
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    Guys its okay, CNN reported that the Dell dude is being fazed out. Okay... He will be gone soon enough. Please, it took him a week to become a *cough* hit *cough* it just might take longer for him to be GONE! :)
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    :eek: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    He will be gone soon enough. He's being "fazed" out. He wants to do more "serious" stuff. Like art films :eek:. I can say that cuz I'm pretentious, and I watch that kinda stuff. Plus I worked on a couple of short films and documentaries (not that that ever went anywhere).

    And dude, Kethoticus. This is so not the place to do this. Just because some extremists did some things, well, extreme, doesn't mean you can bash a whole religion. The same can be said of certain Christian extremists who do things in the name of God. Both religions have their problems and their "old" customs.

    We are supposed to be the tolerant ones, remember.


    Whereas with Christianity, God sent his son to save our souls - with Micro$oft, Bill wants to own your soul. And your first born. And your sanity.

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    The only reason I put the quote up there was because it showed a contrast between the two religions. If it is not a Muslim tenet for people to sacrfice their sons and daughters for Allah, then my statement is an unfair generality, and I will remove it.

    Better yet. I will do some research on this and see if it is indeed an official Muslim doctrine or just the choice of some extremists. If it is the former, I will bring the quote back. If it is the latter, I will come up with some other clever little thingie to conclude my messages with. Unfortunately, for this post, the quote is going to still be attached. (I'm typing out this message and need to take the time to find where to edit my profile and all that.) But my next post will have a different quote.

    You're right. There's no sense (and no Christian love) in needlessly angering people.
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    Thank you, that's all I ask.

    Feel free to play with the tag line I used in the previous post -

    Whereas with Christianity, God sent his son to save our souls - with Micro$oft, Bill wants to own your soul. And your first born. And your sanity.

    It's not my normal signature, and no one will mind if you compare M$ with evil. If you want to exclude your signature froma a post, simply uncheck the box below your message that says Show Signature. People come from all over the world to post here.

    Wouldn't want you to become flame bait.
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    I... I... I love you.

    Heh... seriously, I'm flamebait no matter what because I tend to be very forward with my opinions and I usually wind up pissing somebody off. It's good to have people come to me and try to temper me down sometimes.

    As for the original thread, Dell thinks Steve's cute and will probably leave him. I'm not particularly fond of some of Apple's Switch ads lately either, especially that skinny, dark-haired kid with the googly eyes and the baritone voice. Geez that guy annoys me. I turn down the volume when I see that one.

    Hey... anyone notice the irony in the names of Dell's new spokesperson and Apple's CEO?
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    It's one thing to have an opinion. It's another to be an intolerant, stereotype-reliant *******.

    Just being forward with my opinions.:rolleyes:
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    or we could all... have a little mercy and not call eachother *******s... i dunno. you are bound to say something mojo flamebait stupid in your lifetime, and no one is completely openminded about everything, so... do you really have a legitimate gripe with the guy?

    on the other hand, when it comes to politica and economics, flame away! .\|/, or something. lol.

    anyways, Kethoticus doesn't have the makings of an *******. you have to think you are all that in one way or another to be an *******. Kethoticus is dealing with his presumptuous statement, whatever it was (i don't know or care), quite amicably.

    we should all know about anti-bigotry bigotism is by now. there's where it gets easy to be an *******.

    just being forward with my opinions, of course. ;)
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    Sun Baked

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    not proof, he just makes a lot of people want to pray that that thread comes true.
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    Thanks Shadowfax. I truly could have never said it better myself.

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