Dell opens first retail store WOOT (pics inside)

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by MovieCutter, Aug 9, 2006.

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    Is that a roll-mat on the floor?

    1980's Sharper Image called, they want their store design back.

    Remind me, is this the same Dell retail store that doesn't carry any stock? It's just to let people use their computers and then you have to order it. You can't go in and walk out with a system.

  3. Lau

    I quite like the wood pillar and panel, but only the wood (the blue light is naff). The rest of it is just like Dell's computer case design – overcomplicated and full of ridiculous twiddly bits. Why can people never get the hang of simplicity...:(
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    Looks pretty dumb. Of course, if they'd copied the look of Apple Stores, people would bash them for being copycats.

    I would think that they'd carry some stock of common (non-BTO) hardware... if you can't go in and walk out with a computer, then why have anything more than the usual kiosk in the mall?
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    And Best Buy wants their blue-shirt-and-khakis wearing geek salesmen back...
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    Thomas Veil

    Wow, that's just...weak.
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    From the New York Times in May:

    Full article HERE
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    Agreed. Even being able to order in-store and having it shipped out from the factory would be a step up, since that could cover some of the impulse buyers. This is like going to McDonalds and only being able to look at the...err...umm..."food".
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    Looks ok but Ugghh - in the third from bottom picture is that weird/stupid/ugly briefcase-computer thing.

    And isn't part of going to a shop the whole excitement of buying something and walking out with it?

    Waiting for an online order to be delivered is ok, but this whole kiosk-shop things seems a little misguided.
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    Albdamned's screenname is what I thought to myself when I saw this. Stupid. Either sell noncustom models instore or close down. :rolleyes:
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    More like this:

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    Give them a break, the next store will be more innovative. Maybe a glass cube? :p
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    having their computers BTO is their whole business plan. they create a computer exactly how you want/need it. to have anything for sale would go against that, as it would require too many staff to be putting together computers in the back. that said, i agree that if you're not going to have computers for people to take away, you shouldn't open a store.
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    Very funny.
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    LOL. ROFL. LMAO. LMFAO ( And any others I missed!:D )
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    does the first commerical when apple switched to intel where there slogan was "boring little boxes" ring a bell with these pics?
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    Um, nice try Dell! Better luck with ur next attempt...
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    Way to go Dell, your store matches your products.
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    I'm not sure what Dell is trying to accomplish here.

    Personally, I don't buy computers at the Apple store. I can get much better deals online, usually.

    However, I WILL go to the Apple store to buy Apple Accessory X or iPod case Y. From the pictures, it looks as if the Dell store has none of these things.

    Frankly, I fail to see the point if they're not going to offer SOMETHING for sale directly on the floor. Otherwise, it's just a Mall kiosk with some big panels.

    I understand their BTO business model, which is why this confuses me. They don't NEED a store presence to get the word out on their products, which was the whole point of the Apple stores to begin with.
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    I don't think it is all that bad. I mean they're pimping their blue BS and those freaking is up with neon blue there anyway?
    But yeah, there seem to be more employees than customers.
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    I don't think he'd appreciate you talking about his screen name that way. :p

    The store is unnecessary, IMO. Like others have said, why walk into a store you cannot walk out of with something in your hand? Who in their right mind would visit a Dell store to begin with? I wonder if many of the floor systems crash or get viruses while the users are trying them out. Perhaps sales will decline as more and more users get the chance to test out the crappy computer they thought they wanted. :D
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    what a fiasco

    they should have added some alienware design at least that might look interesting along with some alien machines for the kids to play with--then you might get some impulse buying.

    It feels like they dont even have a plan much less a clue:rolleyes:
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    If only Apple had a retail store where I could walk in and just stare at all the products that I couldn't buy there...

    Oh wait! That's every Apple store in my case since I'm freakin' poor! :eek:

    That store is a joke...just like everything else Dell.
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    Isn't Dell the epitome of hell? Yuck! :eek:

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