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Dell XPS m1330 and Blackbook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by angrygolfer, Feb 27, 2008.

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    so I had posted on another thread last week when the MBP and MB forums were merged. Someone postedasking if they should get a Dell XPS m1330 or MBP (or MB... not sure which). I had posted in that thread that I recently purchased a dell m1330 and I absolutely loved it. I got beat up a little which I knew would happen.

    Well you'll be happy to know that I have decided to return the Dell and I am currently typing this on my brand spanking new Blackbook.

    I concede that it is much nicer then the Dell. This is by far not my first mac but I took a break from them for a bit and I am glad I'm back in Black (mac).
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    im soo glad to see a thread like this because i was considering the Dell XPS
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    Tell me (us) why you think the MacBook is better than the m1330.
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    It's just built better. Feels more sturdy, nicer keyboard. O/S is all preference so I'm not going to go down the road of which O/S is "better". again that's preference.
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    I have a XPS M1330 and i have seen a MB i don't think that the MB looks better at all. I don't really like the plastic looks of the MB.

    Anyway i might be getting a MB as well. Dell upset me over something and it led to me just asking for a refund and they said i could get one like nearly 5 months after i purchased my laptop.
    I paid nearly £1,200 but i got credit back as delays so i am not sure of the final amount but it should be over £1,050 (although everything actually cost me £955. Dell caused me to go overdrawn by taking money from my bank that they should not have and i got my bank fees back and in the end my bank gave me my fees back so i discounted the amount from my final cost.)

    I could get a student (i would not consider doing this if I was paying the full rrp) middle model MB with the 3 year warranty plus remote for £773. I have a 250GB already at home that i could use. I could also download a free word processing tool to save money i bought iWork before and i don't think it was all that great so i won't pay out for it again. I should be able to save about £250 by downgrading.

    My notebook has a LED screen, Vista Ultimate, 8400GS, Fingerprint reader, 4GB of ram, 250GB HD, 4 year at home warranty, the Pearl White lid and the T7500 processor. Selling now a 5 month old computer that has been refreshed might put me a bit of a loss if i was to sell it but not that much of a loss on the £955 i actually ended up paying. I would be maybe wise though to take the full money (the refund) now and run lol.

    A 13 MBP would be more ideal for me but i could live with the integrated graphics i think. The express card and the HDMI port although excellent features i am yet to use on this notebook.

    The slightly heavier weight 4.1lbs verse 5lbs for the MB weight although i would prefer it to be lighter i could live with that.

    I will miss the LED screen also but i can live with it.

    I like both operating systems and having both i think is ideal really if you can live with the hardware. I have used Tiger and Panther but not Leopard and that does intrigue me.

    I prefer the looks of the XPS M1330. The hardware bar the processor maybe is clearly better on the XPS M1330 i own (Dell are now using Penryn) but i like i said i could live with the MB. The ram on the MB i can uprgade cheaply by buying it elsewhere. The money i could get back would be welcome although i think i will feel a bit sad also to see this notebook go even though it maybe the most wise strude thing to do.
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    I agree that the m1330 "looks nicer" but when you handle an MB and then you handle the Dell you can definately tell that the MB is just higher quality.

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